One-Page Calendar Chart

Here’s this weeks’ practical tip ~

calendar & weather chartKindergarteners and junior primary children enjoy the daily ritual of learning the days of the week, names of the months, weather symbols, seasonstemperature, etc. during calendar time.

chart with all the discs

Instead of fiddling  with several bags or envelopes of the little names and symbols to attach to the chart, I created a one-page chart with rotating discs and slide viewer to quickly change the daily calendar.

It saves time that everything is all on the chart, ready for each day’s calendar time.

chart from behind

No need for searching through boxes, sorting through little symbols, numbers or pictures.  No need for sticky stuff.  Nothing gets lost.

You can download my free Junior Calendar Mini Office with Days, Months, Season & Weather Chart under my Free Pages tab ~ scroll down for  Mini Office free pages.

Read how to make and assemble the calendar chart here.

Hope this practical tip helps you in your homeschooling!

Blessings, Nadene

One thought on “One-Page Calendar Chart

  1. Wish I had known of your site back when my kids were small and needed this. This would have simplified things considerably back then. What a blessing for those with littles yet.


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