New Music and Art Timeline

I created a new Music and Art Timeline.  Music & Art Timeline Cover This is a helpful Fine Arts tool, identifying both famous musicians and their music styles, as well as famous artists and their masterpieces displayed in parallel.

How to use the timeline:

  • Print out and bind as is, or add to a Book of Centuries.
  • Cut and paste the pages side-by-side/ under each other as a visual Fine Arts timeline.
  • Add artwork thumbnails to a timeline on a wall.
  • Cut the artworks and paste them on cards and let children match the artists to the eras.

Here is the download ~Art and Music Timeline, fresh and newly updated!

Recently Homeschool Freebies of the Day featured my Art Era Timelines to email subscribers.  Subscribers often get links to special freebies that you will not find openly on the Internet, so it is worth joining their subscription list!

Blessings, Nadene

7 thoughts on “New Music and Art Timeline

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  2. Thank you for sharing! We don’t use a history curriculum; we just have a great stack of “spine” books and lots of “real” books to work our way through the centuries. This list will help so much.


  3. Thank you very much! I was just making a timeline for my homeschooled children including also history and literature. I am not good at art and music so I was a bit disappointed, and then I found your timeline just in time! This is great!!! And it also has Hungarian musicians in it 🙂 we are Hungarians.


  4. This is cool. Thank you for sharing. I like it when you share because you are always on to the art end of things and it’s the side I need reminding the most on. *big smile* Thank you. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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