Summer Art ~ Miro

Barb has created Summer Art plans for Sketch Tuesday covering several famous artists.

She explains on Harmony Fine Arts,

“Each week I will be posting a sketch idea based on a great piece of artwork from a famous artist. I will give you a link to look at the painting online, a link to a biography or video, and a simple idea for your family to complete and then send in for the art show.”

We joined this week’s artist ~


Barb suggested,

Create your own Miro inspired artwork by either copying the painting in this week’s lesson 


Figures and dog in front of the sun – Wikiart

or using the Roll a Miro activity in this pin on Pinterest: Roll a Miro

Summer Art Miro 002

We both enjoyed the Roll-a-Miro dice fun!  Our outlines were completely unplanned and spontaneous.  But, when Lara completed coloring her picture, she came to my table quite unimpressed,

“It looks a 3-year-old did this, mom.”Summer Art Miro 001

When I completed my coloring in, I must admit that also felt a disappointment in how it looked.  Well, at least the art process was fun!  And sometimes the end-product is nothing like we expect.

Well, I think sometimes surrealistic, abstract, or modern art is like that.  I remember similar thoughts when I stood looking at original Picasso drawings hanging in a famous art museum!  How childish!  How can this be real art?

“Be silent, you inner critic!”

Join us in these Summer Art Plans!


2 thoughts on “Summer Art ~ Miro

  1. Every week as you send your Sketch Tuesday (and now Summer Arts) pic the kids and I always get good ideas from your art projects. My kids (both 11 soon to be 12) liked both of your pictures even though you found them disappointing. They were amazed at how different from ours yours turned out. Yesterday we used the Roll-a-Miro to draw our own pictures and had a lot of fun in the process. We drew two different pictures instead of grouping them together like you did. Even though some elements were the same from the “board” they turned out very different with different artists using them and even when the same artist used them at different times. Oh the fun of art! Thank you for sharing your art even when it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. There is always something to learn. Just a side note–I wonder if Lara would like her picture better if she combined some elements from other artists into her drawing–adding some klimt detailing (like last week), cutting and mixing directions (like a picasso), or even making it more surreal by adding background (like remington or grant wood). Anyways, we enjoyed her art here at our house. My daughter loved the beaky nose (the same one I used but looks much better on Lara’s pic).


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