Mosaic Memories

I received 3 perfect, old Blue Willow plates as an heirloom gift.

Sadly, by the time I unpacked them after a particularly bumpy journey home, they had all broken.

I sat and cried.

Shattered dreams and broken plates

I had planned to hang them in my country kitchen as a feature above my window.

As I pondered over my shattered plates and broken dreams, I realized that I could use the pieces and create mosaic kitchen items.

So, with the help of my friend who came to visit for a week, we selected my galvanized metal watering can,  vase and little metal basket, and had fun making mosaic.

Broken plates, glass tiles & galvanized items

Read my Mosaic Tutorial here ~ Mosaic Memories

And here are the results ~

My marvelous plates are on daily view and in use.

My Blue Willow Watering Can

Blue Willow Mosaic Vase

9 thoughts on “Mosaic Memories

  1. Beautiful! How creative! I’m inspired – I had started a collection of tea cups, and in a move, the packers put the china in with heavy pottery. The tea cups didn’t make it. I would love to try something like this so that I can at least see them, even if they are in pieces! Thank you for all you share with us!


    • I am doing the same thing with a round water can that’s galvanized, I have some really sharp pieces, How do I get those sharp edges off if it. Can I use a glass cutter?


      • @Judy Mulhern, we used a tile cutter to take off sharp corners as some pieces were too thick for the glass cutter, but if you score the ceramic piece first with a glass cutter and then use a plastic mallet and give the piece a tap, it may break off exactly on the score line.
        Hope you enjoy your project and that it comes out beautifully!


  2. Nadene,

    You just say to those inquiring folks, that your plates have been ‘re-purposed!’ I think that’s the language that all the cool home designers use for items that are old, but used in a new way.

    I have been wanting to do this with some old tea cups..thank you for the tutorial! Your things turned out beautiful!



  3. I am sure your tears are replaced with a smile. Has mosaic been invented just like you did? Somebody being very sad & creative, not willing to trash a beloved piece of ceramics?

    This is a very sensitive and dangerous post, Nadene. Your pictures are so lovely, I am afraid around the world a few of your blog readers are now smashing their ceramics 😉


  4. I loved seeing this! 😊. I had saved a very special broken plate (broken in an earthquake a few years back!) wanting to “re-purpose” it. I am especially inspired by the watering can idea! Thanks so much!❤


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