Sketch Tuesday ~ Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers

Sketch Wildflowers!

What a wonderful sketch assignment!

We were excited when Barb asked us to sketch wild flowers for this week’s assignment,  but we were inspired when we looked at Barb’s  Georgia O’Keeffe links !

Georgia O’Keeffe painted HUGE flowers, or only parts of the flowers fitted on her page.

  • So we took LARGE paper – an A3 page,
  • We walked around the farm looking at wild flowers,
  • We came inside and started sketching.

Miss.L  gave herself a hard time when she picked a minute little flower off our rosemary bush (if you look carefully, you might find it stuck on the side of our white paintbrush bottle)

and had to fill her monster-size page with the tiny petals.

She must have rubbed out and tried 3 times until she was satisfied.

Sketching a tiny Rosemary flower

Her results are delightful!

Miss.L's Rosemary originalis flower

Miss. K  chose to draw protea.  They grow profusely on our farm, but the wild veld fire during summer and the winter prevented her finding any open flowers.  She used our book  The South African What Flower Is That? by Kristo Pienaar and sketched a gorgeous huge protea.  She painted picture and outlined it when it was dry.

Painting a protea

It is stunning!

Miss. K's Protea longifolia

I love aloes and they are flowering at the moment, so  I took a potted aloe inside for my sketch.  You’ll notice my view-finder on the table. I cut out a small square in a square piece of paper. I used this to peep through the “window” to isolate my view of the aloe and make sure that my drawing filled the entire page.

I painted the aloe and coloured the background with crayons.

An aloe in progress

I’m really pleased with the painting.

My Aloe ferox painting

So, why don’t you sit and sketch this weekend?

Make your sketches and send them in by Monday, July 26th and I will include them in the slideshow on Tuesday. All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. For more details on Sketch Tuesday you can click on the Sketch Tuesday tab at the top of my blog.

Have a great week,

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

4 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday ~ Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers

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  4. These turned out beautifully! I think our Sm’Arties will be looking at Georgia O’Keefe this year. I want us to draw some really big pictures. I think our boys will love drawing big cow skulls.


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