What Works! Learning Language Arts

What Works!  Once again I want to share what works when you use Charlotte Mason’s principles. In the more than 14 years of homeschooling until graduation my children have learnt the nuts and bolts of English grammar and language with copywork and dictations. Dictations and copywork  = effective Language Arts lessons Ruth Beechick’s “A Strong Start in Language” … Continue reading What Works! Learning Language Arts

Wonderful Works of William-Adolphe Bouguereau

This year we started our art appreciation with works from William Adolphe Bouguereau, a very successful French painter of the 1850’s Paris Salon. His paintings are beautiful and my daughters have loved looking at his works. My youngest daughter chose “The Hard Lesson” for our most recent art appreciation lesson.  She orally narrated her observations and … Continue reading Wonderful Works of William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Make your own Mental Maths Practice Worksheets ~ Blank Templates

Do you want to make your own quick, fun maths worksheets? If you visit my  Remedial Maths Activities Page you will find all the Mental Maths downloads. View the original Mental Maths posts here  – Mental Maths Practice ~ Fun Worksheets! and Maths Flowers for the photos and tips. These downloads are in pdf file … Continue reading Make your own Mental Maths Practice Worksheets ~ Blank Templates

Test your homeschool style

Most new homeschool moms choose a homeschool curriculum based on their children’s learning style, but forget that they are a vital part of the homeschool approach, vision and energy.  Your homeschool style is how you naturally approach homeschooling. There are 6 main homeschool styles: Traditional Classical Charlotte Mason Unit Studies Unschooling Eclectic If you choose a style that … Continue reading Test your homeschool style