Make your own Mental Maths Practice Worksheets ~ Blank Templates

Do you want to make your own quick, fun maths worksheets?

If you visit my  Remedial Maths Activities Page you will find all the Mental Maths downloads.

View the original Mental Maths posts here  –

Mental Maths Practice ~ Fun Worksheets! and Maths Flowers for the photos and tips.

  • These downloads are in pdf file format and are great to just print and use.
  • Each set of worksheets has a blank template page.
  • I recommend that moms can print out about 10 blank templates and write in their own numbers that they want their children to practice.
  • Some moms place each page in plastic page protectors and use dry-wipe markers for quick and easy maths practice. They slip in a new page for the next practice.

I have had requests for these math templates in MS Word doc files so that moms can type in their own numbers for their own practices.

Microsoft Word

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So, here are the blank Mental Maths templates:

How do I customize my blank template in MS Word?

  1. Download the Mental Maths Blank Template doc file
  2. Save it on your computer in your Homeschool/Maths file
  3. Now open this doc file
  4. Press Control + A to Select All (Everything will be highlighted. All the templates from this page will go on a hidden clipboard)
  5. Press Control + N to open a New Document
  6. Click on the new page
  7. Press Control + V and Paste (All the original templates will now go on to your new document.)
  8. Save and close the original (to reuse later.)
  9. Name and save your newly created blank templates with a new name (e.g.: homeschool/maths/multiples6)
  10. Now you can type in new numbers in the appropriate shapes.
  11. Click in the shape, and select a clear, large font, middle alignment
  12. If the shape does not allow text, right-click on the shape and select “Add Text” from the pop-up menu
  13. Save as you go.
  14. Print out the pages you have created
  15. Viola!  Your own mental maths practice worksheets

I hope this helps you! 🙂

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