Theme for the Day

Most homeschool moms plan to do it all …

but most weeks, we fall short,

fall behind …

My secret to fitting in most of the extras in our curriculum is to

 do “One More Thing” after our basics …

We have a …

Theme for the Day

Our homeschool mornings start at about 9:30am after chores, farm rounds, milking and breakfast.

Every week,  I plan to cover all these areas in our school work ~

 Overview Year Planner ~ My version of the a Home Model by Clay & Sally Clarkson “The Wholehearted Child”

Our first lesson is Discipleship Studies with a short Bible Study, review our scripture memory, sing a hymn and end with prayer.

Everyone settles down to Disciplined Studies ~ short lessons (+ 10 minutes to 15 minutes each)

  • Maths
  • Spelling
  • Language Arts & Dictation (which is also Handwriting practice for the younger kids)
  • Afrikaans (our 2nd language)

We take a short tea break, some jumping/ skipping/ play with balls or a moment to play with the puppy …

Back to school and we do our core curriculum.  Although this is the major part of the Discussion Studies, it is much more relaxed because it mostly involves my reading aloud while the kids keep busy hands.  In winter we snuggle up in a sunny spot, in summers we sit under a shady tree.

By then it is nearly time for lunch.  We usually fit in “1 More Thing” on the Discovery Studies and my wall chart works  so well ~

  • Monday ~ Main Core = More research on the topic, read additional books, get going with a project or a lapbook, sometimes just catch up on reading.
  • Tuesday ~ Timeline & Science = add details to timeline chart/ Book of Centuries and a lesson from our Exploring Creation Zoology books with a quick notebook page/ minibook element
  • Wednesday ~ Wonderful World = Geography study/map work/ and our regular Nature Study activity
  • Thursday ~ Tea & Poetry & Shakespeare = we simply read and listen and enjoy
  • Friday ~Fine Arts = Famous Composer and Famous Artist of the month. Simply appreciate his music or an artwork.  We sometimes do an art activity or Sketch Tuesday while we listen to the musician.

Now for our reality – we live on a farm very far from any town or shop, so we always take a whole day off to go to town.  That means we always miss one day of the week.  Seldom, if ever, do we stick to every theme on every day, but it is there to remind us what we need to cover each week. I always have to catch up!

I simply join 2 themes and “Do 1 More Thing After Lunch” on another day and catch up.  Some themes work so easily together ~ core & timeline/ Nature Study & Science/ Shakespeare & Fine Arts.

In a nutshell ~ 3 days we do “1 thing after core” and on the 4th or one other day we add “1 more thing after lunch“.  It works for me!

Here is my free Theme of the Day chart for you to download ~

Theme for the Day 2012

For more online inspiration ~

Hope this inspires and encourages you.  If you have some more ideas that work, please share in the comments below. Any questions? Please just ask – other readers may also be wondering …