Planning for 2011

It is nearly the end of 2010 and I have been busy planning for 2011!

We filed all this year’s completed work.

I wrote out evaluations and recorded our work we accomplished.

For several months now, I have prayed and planned for the right combinations, curriculums and materials for my children for next year.

I used very similar planners for this year as I did in 2010.

Using a wonderful Overview and Year Planner from “The Wholehearted Child” I jotted all the basic ideas I had in the ‘foundation’, ‘circles’ and ‘roof’.

Starting with the foundation – Discipleship Studies

We will continue with the very successful “Bible Draw!” pictures of each Bible book; concentrating on the New Testament this year.

For Disciplined Studies

These are our basic 3R’s and 2nd language.  We will continue with our current Singapore Maths, Sonlight readers and Language Arts, Sequential Spelling and Copywork and Dictation for handwriting.

Discussion Studies for 2011 –

After the most wonderful year using my first eclectic curriculum, I have chosen to re-use my eldest daughter’s Sonlight American History Core 3 and 4 for the younger 2 next year for the spine of our Discussion Studies.  Although I have purchased the condensed core, I have planned to branch off and take whatever tangent and hands-on activity we may find along the way.  I also want to create new notebook pages and minibook combos, and maybe a lapbook here or there … so we may not complete the package in a year … or at all.

For our Classic Literature we will continue our Little House Series with the wonderful free lapbooks from  This has been an absolute highlight for the girls and it will fit in perfectly with our Sonlight cores.

For Fine Arts we will further our monthly studies of Famous Impressionist Artists and Famous Musicians using Charlotte Mason’s wonderful principles and methods.

For Discovery Studies

We will enjoy our weekly Nature Study and Exploring Creation With Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day. I have purchased the lapbook to go with this book (one of the very few purchased lapbooks!) and used my time-saving method of preparing the minibooks.  We’ll complete Geography cards and definitions and add as much map work with our other studies.

Our Discretionary Studies

We will include homesteading skills, cooking, baking, sewing, needle crafts, farming, gardening, guitar lessons and other skills or interests

  1. There! Planning phase 1 done!
  2. Now, 2. I create a simple page with my 2011 Year Plan.  It is a basic planner with daily, weekly or monthly columns.
  3. Next, 3. I type in the most important subjects on my 36 Week Subject Plan and Record of Work.  This forms the most detailed plan and I record everything we do on this same page.  This took the longest time because I had to schedule the Artist/ Composer/ Science Lesson/ Poem/ Bible books across the 36 weeks.
  4. Lastly, 4. I made the Week Timetable for in front of our files. This is the basic daily schedule.

Final Checklist:

Filing done √

Planning done

Printing done

Timetables done

New Cover Pages in the girls’ files

Pop over to my Free Planning Pages for downloads your own personal use.

I trust that your final preparations for the end of this year are going well.




Plan the New Year ~ Overviews, Year Planners and Week Planners

January is Back to School for South Africans and many moms are getting their last few plans in order.

This year I put together my very first eclectic curriculum for my junior and middle school girls and I’m so excited!

I thought, in my early days of homeschooling,  that it was always better to use a bought, professional package, but during the past few years, I used my bought curriculums more as guidelines (and not as strict schedules) and in that flexibility, I could see that it wouldn’t be too hard to put together my curriculum package. I began to pray and the Lord led me and provided me with materials.  Much of my curriculum is FREE!  Free downloads, notebook pages and free lapbooks will make up the core of the work! 🙂

I’d like to share the processes and steps I took to plan the year and then the weeks plans and share the organizers and planners that I made.  Feel free to download and change anything/ ignore what will NOT work for you/ or be encouraged to take these first baby steps ~ yes ~ YOU can also make your own programme!

1. First I used the wonderful “Home Centred Learning Methods” model from The WholeHearted Child Home Education Handbook by Clay and Sally Clarkson from Whole Heart Ministries (read the review on my Book List) and created my overview plan.(Download pdf:Overview_Year_Planner WholeHearted Child)

This is a bird’s-eye view of all that one needs to give a balanced and holistic education.

Next I wrote in all the materials I had to serve each subject and jotted them in the spaces.  This is where I jot in the circles all the basic concepts and books, downloads, programs and ideas.

2. From this I created my 2010 Year Plan (Download pdf: 2010 Year Plan Blank)  deciding on skills, activities and time I would use.  Basically I used this to decide on daily, weekly or monthly workand what skills and activities we would use.

3. Then I broke the year into a 36 Week Overview (Download pdf: 36 Week Overview) and split the work into the weeks for the year.  This will become my master plan, but (typical of homeschooling) it will be flexible – I don’t REALLY know how long some work may take or if we decide to spend more time on something.  It is not a schedule to be followed, but a guideline! [sigh of relief …]

4. Now my 2010 Weekly Timetable (Download pdf: 2010 Weekly Timetable)  was ready. I filled in the work we need to cover for each week and record and comment on the work we complete.  This becomes my record of work.

5.And finally I created a Daily Timetable (Download pdf: Week Timetable1) .I will laminate this and place 1 in each girl’s file for reference.

So ~ there it is!

I hope this helps you to ‘ take the plunge’  and use all the curriculum materials lying around your shelves  waiting for another year.  GO FOR IT ~ create your own curriculum package!

My Subject References:

Bible: Picture This! and Bible Reading  and Hymn Schedule from

Maths: Singapore Maths

Reading, Language Art & Writing:

Poetry: Classic Poems for the Literacy Hour THE WORKS 7 by Brian Moses ISBN: 978-0-330-44424

Science: Exploring Creation Zoology 1 &2 Jeannie Fulbright Apologia Science (with free notebook pages from her site and a lapbook bought at

History: Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder (with free lapbooks from

Geography: K-2 Maps! by

Art: Impressionist Painters by Guy Jennings ISBN: 0-7537-1073-0 and further sites found on

Music: Schedule for composer studies and their music from

Crafts, Needlework and Sewing: The Encyclopedia of Two-Hour Craft Projects by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc ISBN: 0-49725-51137-8

Typing: Typing Tutor or similar online program

Thinking Skills: Brain Gym for all, Audiblox and other similar books and activities

Overview Year Planner - a Home Model

OverviewYear Planner with my notes

2010 Year Plan 40 weeks

Week Timetable & record of work

Daily Timetable