Maths Flowers ~ More Mental Maths Worksheets

I have made these mental maths worksheets to add some variety to your previous Mental Maths downloads!

Maths Flowers

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These 13 pages of Maths Flowers include adding,subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each page is dedicated to one number concept;

+ 2, -2 or x2 and divide 2

3, or 4 or 5 x table

bonds of 10

and blank page for you to customize.

Here is your 13 page download ~ Maths Flowers

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Mental Maths Practice ~ fun worksheets!

When a child practices mental maths – maths becomes quicker and simpler!

My girls look at their maths charts (Mini Office A5 Maths) too much, so I made some fun worksheets for practice. These worksheets reinforce adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with just a few minutes practice every day.

You can download these worksheets ~

Maths Rockets ~ for adding/ subtracting or multiplying numbers on the side to equal the number in the roof (great for bonds)

Maths Butterflies ~ 5 sums for each butterfly, so good for quick reviews

Maths Corners ~ 4 sums for each number, also a quick worksheet

Maths In&Out ~ top row of random numbers “in” to work with a number and operation, and write the answer as “out”

Maths Caterpillars ~ each caterpillar has random numbers or operations, from simple to complex

Maths Amazing Squares ~ brilliant for bonds to 10 ~ all rows add to 10, up, down  or sideways!

Maths Corners

Maths In & Out

Amazing Maths 10 Square

Maths Rockets

You can use these sheets as they are or ~

* cut out each section and let them do just one little fun exercise a day

* use a part of the page for pre-lesson reviews

* use the blanks pages to reinforce the numbers or operations you are working on

* focus on 1 operation or number exercise (all x 2 or +2 exercises)

* remedial work with number concepts or operations

With a little regular practice the number combinations or patterns start to “click”  ~ which is great for confidence and generates a positive maths attitude!

Let me know what you and your children think!