Hard Homeschool Moments

Gosh, my last post “Love Homeschool” generated a flurry of comments and emails!

I’m so grateful that I have enough blog posts here on Practical Pages to ensure readers that I have my fair share of hard and heart-sore homeschool moments  … like “Stresses and struggles” and the challenge of teaching High School Maths … And while my previous post sounded like it’s all sunshine and roses, I am currently floundering and feel out of my depth.  And this is hard.

My middle child started with Cambridge education this year.  Previously, she and my eldest daughter used a textbook-based correspondence that I could quite confidently teach and facilitate.  But with this new curriculum, I am in need of a serious upgrade to help tutor her and we live too far from town to regularly attend tutor sessions.  I admit that I ‘dropped the ball’ on her homeschooling … and she “unschooled”, or should I say “non-schooled”, the first 6 months of this year.

Recently, we attended adviser sessions and we are still on track.  My daughter is 14-years-old and has 4 years to complete the Cambridge courses. They have a two-year exam sitting rule to qualify for university acceptance, so we have plenty of time to work through the course materials and prepare.  We have started lessons with a tutor and I can already see my child’s approach and confidence improve.

It has been my lack of confidence that has made this year tough, but we have made good progress and I feel that we will actually manage …  and a month from now it may not seem as hard as it seems right now.

So, to all you moms who are trying to figure it out, join the veteran homeschool club of moms still trying to figure it out.

Hard homeschooling keeps me humble and urges me to prayer.

Blessings for you in the hard times … this, too, shall come to pass.