Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers & Early American History Notebook Pages

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This title is a mouthful,

but here is a lovely BIG 13-page notebooking and minibook combination download

for Early American History with these pages:

  • Puritans ~ half page blank & lined
  • Puritan Church ~half page blank & lined
  • Quakers – blank page
  • Quakers ~ half page blank & lined
  • Mayflower ~ half page blank & lined
  • New England ~ blank
  • Indians Help the Settlers ~ blank
  • Minibook pages for Puritans and Indians Help Settlers pages
  • Tabbed minibook for New England or Puritan pages
  • British Laws made smugglers & pirates ~ half page blank & lined
  • Minibook page for Smugglers & Pirates page & Virginia page
  • Virginia ~ half page blank & lined

My kids love to draw while I read.  Our Sonlight “The Landmark History of the American People from Plymouth to the Moon” by Daniel J. Boorstin’s chapters are quite detailed and lengthy.  They draw in the half page space or on the blank pages and then write their narrations below their pictures.

They also prefer to write their narrations in our little cut-and-folded minibooks. Somehow, these dinky, small booklets fools them to believe that they don’t have to write much!  But they write just as many facts here as they would on the lined notebook pages! (Shh … don’t tell them!)

Here is a peek at these pages:

And here’s your free download:

Pilgrims and Early American History


Our Latest Copywork And Dictation Pages

We use Sonlight’s Language Arts and they offer weekly dictation and copywork selections from their readers.

Sonlight's Copywork page

Copywork is the basic starting point to teach both handwriting and enrich  language studies.  Just by copying good written examples, they learn spelling, grammar and style.

Dictation is the next phase in encouraging children to memorize the spelling and the sentences as they copy them during the week.  Ultimately, our children need to improve these skills until they can write the entire passage without any help or peeping!

Because the Sonlight worksheets are in print and I want my children to practice cursive handwriting, I have printed out my beginner cursive writer’s selections in our favourite style cursive on primary lined paper.

Chosing a handwriting style is very personal.  It is always best to start with basic general style and allow the child to develop his/her own flair as they mature.

We have 2 font styles we like:

I  prefer the ABC Cursive font because it is the exact style our South African schools use and I used this style for our laminated handwriting charts.

ABC Cursive copywork

My daughter prefers the loopy, more upright style of the Cursif font.  We correct basic upper case letter differences and our ‘r’s.  I don’t mind the slight differences as long as she writes neatly and carefully when she copies her work.

Cursif Copywork

You may download the copywork pages for Reading with Easy Readers:

Copywork Dictation with Easy Readers ~ with ABC Cursive Font

Copywork Dictation Easy Readers Cursif ~ using the upright, loopy Cursif Font

More Practical Pages on Copywork and Handwriting:

Print your own primary lined pages for spelling and other writing.

Read about our laminated handwriting charts

Read about how to add your own fonts on to you computer.

Teaching print handwriting step-by-step

Free Booklet  on Handwriting Tips

Go to my Copywork pages for more free copywork pages.

I will upload my middle school child’s Nature Quotes Copywork pages very soon!

Paper Men of Ancient History

At last!  The paper men of Ancient History are here!

Featuring Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Vikings, Ancient China and Japan and Ancient India, these paper men will complement your Paper Dolls of Ancient History.

My children to love colour in while I read aloud to them – and what better way to keep hands busy while studying Ancient History than to colour, cut out, laminate and play with these paper figures?

Your children can use these figures for narrations.  Somehow, focusing on a paper doll/ figure helps the child remember and retell the details. Children could make plays and dramatize their stories.  I am always fascinated by homeschooled children’s imaginative games ~ how they often use historical names, places and events in their creative play.

This is what the paper men look like:

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Click here for your download ~ Paper Men Ancient History

If you haven’t downloaded all our Paper Dolls, please go check out what you are missing on my Free Pages.

As I am constantly creating more paper dolls to add to our collection, please subscribe or click on my RSS feed under my Gravatar to receive notification of the latest posts.


Paper Dolls of Ancient Japan, China, India and North American Indians

Here are paper dolls from different ancient nationalities to use when you

study Sonlight’s World History, or

read stories from these countries, or

study different nationalities, or

just want to expose your children to clothing from Ancient times, or …

just for fun!

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Have you downloaded all Practical Pages’ Paper Dolls?

If not, check out the Paper Dolls of Ancient History which include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Vikings, Ancient Rome and Elizabethan Era.

Also look at our first Paper Dolls ~ Fashions Through Past Eras which include Jane Austen fashions of the 1800’s,  Victorian era, Edwardian eras of 1900’s, the Medieval era, King Louis French fashions and the 1960’s fashions.

I’m sure that you’ll read how we colour in, then cut out and then laminate our paper dolls.  There are several methods to attach the clothing to the dolls, but if you wish, add the conventional tabs to the shoulders and the sides of the garments.

I hope you have signed up for an email notification or put my RSS feed on your homepage! (You’ll find this on my sidebar just under my Gravatar.) because, as promised, I will continue to upload our latest paper dolls. I am busy developing the men paper figures even as you read this!

Here’s the Paper Doll download ~ Paper Dolls Japan China India NAIndians

Paper Dolls of Ancient History

Here are our latest Ancient History Paper dolls:

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Vikings

Ancient Rome

Elizabethan Era

These paper dolls are the latest addition to our paper doll series ~

Click here for your 4 page pdf download ~ Paper Dolls Ancient History

We were inspired to draw these paper dolls while we read our Sonlight World History Usborne books. Included with most the paper dolls are some ancient artefacts or jewelery.  Children should also know the how to place the clothing articles on the dolls in the correct order.

We colour in the pictures, cut them out and then laminate everything ~ see here.  We attach clothing with prestick (sticky stuff).

Look at our historical eras paper dolls that included fashions from the 1800’s,   Victorian styles from 1865. clothes from the Edwardian eras of 1900’s,  fashions of the Medieval era, the French fashions of Louis VIV and even styles from the 1960’s.

Here are some suggestions to enjoy the paper dolls:

  • One mom pasted magnetic tape on the backs and her children play on a fridge or metal tray with their dolls.
  • Another mom stuck felt on the back of their paper dolls so they could stick on a felt board.
  • These paper dolls could be coloured while the children listen to history stories. (To keep hands busy while ears are listening!)
  • Children could use them when telling history narrations.
  • Children can play with them with as they do with finger puppets and create / act scenes from plays.

Ok, I know you’ll ask me, “Where are the men/ boys?” I am planning them!

The paper dolls from different nations will be coming soon …  I’ve done North American Indians, Japan … oh, the list is too long …

New Paper Dolls ~ Fashions through the Past Eras

A few weeks ago the girls created some paper dolls with clothes.  As their creativity flowed, we decided to make clothes from different eras.

Based on fashions seen in classic movies like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice they created the fashions used in the 1800’s.  They loved Little Women and used those dress styles from 1865. My Fair Lady inspired clothes from the Edwardian eras of 1900’s.  The classic movie of Romeo and Juliet gave inspiration to the fashions of the Medieval era. Amadeus inspired the French fashions.  One of the girls loved Hair Spray of the 1960’s and made a page of these fashions!

Here is the 10 page pdf. download ~Paper Dolls & clothes.  As you will have seen in the earlier paper doll post, the girls colour in, then cut out the clothes and accessories before we laminate the pieces.  They use prestick to paste each article on the dolls.  (You may want to add shoulder tabs as the vintage paper dolls have instead.)

Paper Dolls Rachel & Rebecca

Romeo & Juliet 1500's

Romeo & Juliet

Jane Austen 1800's

Jane Austen 1800's

Marie Antoinette French 1789

Edwardian 1900's

Little Women 1865

'Little Women' 1865

1960's Hair Spray

Of course we intend to cover more eras and styles …  I have Ancient Egypt, Rome, Vikings and the Elizabethan eras in mind. And of course the modern era needs a page or two … And then I could think of different clothes from countries around the world … plus we will eventually need to include some men …  Maybe I should plan 1 new download per month?

Famous Scientist Copywork Pages ~ George Washington Carver

Twice a week we practice handwriting by doing copywork.

Beautiful copywork

This term we will use some of George Washington Carver’s quotes. (I sourced these from Brainy Quote.com .)  Have you read his amazing biography?  We read our Sonlight book ~ Man’s Slave Becomes God’s Scientist George Washington Carver by David Collins ISBN 0-915134-90-X and found out the most amazing information about this inspirational Christian man and famous scientist.

Each quote has an interpretive question or vocabulary extension section. The copywork pages I am sharing are:

Primary lines George Washington Carver Quotes ~13 pages with red top line/blue base line/ grey dotted middle line with large spaces for easy, big  letters and also include a biography page on George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Quotes ~13 pages with black and grey dotted lines and medium spaces and includes a biography page on George Washington Carver

Print George Washington Carver Quotes ~ 13 pages with clear print font and primary lines as above and includes a biography page on George Washington Carver

Primary lines for beginner handwriting

It is wonderful to see what regular copywork teaches!

  • beautiful, flowing, neat handwriting
  • appreciation for peoples’ thoughts, ideas and views
  • vocabulary extension ~ new words are often incorporated into the child’s own writing
  • sentence construction ~ a natural method of learning language
  • expressive writing ~ provides ideas, knowledge and skills to writing
  • grammar –  learnt from whole and broken into its parts in natural contextual method.
  • reinforces memorization and memory of famous quotations

New Ancient Egypt Lapbook & Activities

Hot off the press!  My new Ancient Egypt Lapbook is here! Here’s the download ~ Ancient Egypt Lapbook

3D Ancient Egypt lapbook

Pyramid-shaped lapbook folds flat to store with other Ancient Egypt work

This lapbook is created to become a 3D pyramid-shaped folder.  The 16-page download includes:

  • Lapbook planner ~ with answers and references & websites
  • minibooks ~ People, hieroglyphics, write your name in hieroglyphics, hieroglyphic message to decode, word search, Rosetta stone, making papyrus, Egyptian burial and Egyptian food
  • Biography page ~ King Tutankhamun
  • Pictures to colour & make into puzzles
  • Additional hands-on activities ~ making papyrus, baking bread in pots, a model of Egyptian home, ‘mummify’ a doll, make sarcophagus, making a water-clock and making a shaduf.

What about downloading some Ancient Egyptian Paper dolls and men to go with your Ancient Egypt studies? Pop over to my Paper Dolls page for the downloads.

Ancient Egypt Men    Paper Doll Ancient Egypt

Hope you and your children enjoy learning about Ancient Egypt!


Plan the New Year ~ Overviews, Year Planners and Week Planners

January is Back to School for South Africans and many moms are getting their last few plans in order.

This year I put together my very first eclectic curriculum for my junior and middle school girls and I’m so excited!

I thought, in my early days of homeschooling,  that it was always better to use a bought, professional package, but during the past few years, I used my bought curriculums more as guidelines (and not as strict schedules) and in that flexibility, I could see that it wouldn’t be too hard to put together my curriculum package. I began to pray and the Lord led me and provided me with materials.  Much of my curriculum is FREE!  Free downloads, notebook pages and free lapbooks will make up the core of the work! 🙂

I’d like to share the processes and steps I took to plan the year and then the weeks plans and share the organizers and planners that I made.  Feel free to download and change anything/ ignore what will NOT work for you/ or be encouraged to take these first baby steps ~ yes ~ YOU can also make your own programme!

1. First I used the wonderful “Home Centred Learning Methods” model from The WholeHearted Child Home Education Handbook by Clay and Sally Clarkson from Whole Heart Ministries (read the review on my Book List) and created my overview plan.(Download pdf:Overview_Year_Planner WholeHearted Child)

This is a bird’s-eye view of all that one needs to give a balanced and holistic education.

Next I wrote in all the materials I had to serve each subject and jotted them in the spaces.  This is where I jot in the circles all the basic concepts and books, downloads, programs and ideas.

2. From this I created my 2010 Year Plan (Download pdf: 2010 Year Plan Blank)  deciding on skills, activities and time I would use.  Basically I used this to decide on daily, weekly or monthly workand what skills and activities we would use.

3. Then I broke the year into a 36 Week Overview (Download pdf: 36 Week Overview) and split the work into the weeks for the year.  This will become my master plan, but (typical of homeschooling) it will be flexible – I don’t REALLY know how long some work may take or if we decide to spend more time on something.  It is not a schedule to be followed, but a guideline! [sigh of relief …]

4. Now my 2010 Weekly Timetable (Download pdf: 2010 Weekly Timetable)  was ready. I filled in the work we need to cover for each week and record and comment on the work we complete.  This becomes my record of work.

5.And finally I created a Daily Timetable (Download pdf: Week Timetable1) .I will laminate this and place 1 in each girl’s file for reference.

So ~ there it is!

I hope this helps you to ‘ take the plunge’  and use all the curriculum materials lying around your shelves  waiting for another year.  GO FOR IT ~ create your own curriculum package!

My Subject References:

Bible: Picture This! www.bibledraw.com and Bible Reading  and Hymn Schedule from AmblesideOnline.com

Maths: Singapore Maths

Reading, Language Art & Writing: Sonlight.com

Poetry: Classic Poems for the Literacy Hour THE WORKS 7 by Brian Moses ISBN: 978-0-330-44424

Science: Exploring Creation Zoology 1 &2 Jeannie Fulbright Apologia Science (with free notebook pages from her site and a lapbook bought at CurrClick.com)

History: Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder (with free lapbooks from HomeschoolShare.com)

Geography: K-2 Maps! by IntellegoUnitStudies.com

Art: Impressionist Painters by Guy Jennings ISBN: 0-7537-1073-0 and further sites found on AmblesideOnline.com

Music: Schedule for composer studies and their music from AmblesideOnline.com

Crafts, Needlework and Sewing: The Encyclopedia of Two-Hour Craft Projects by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc ISBN: 0-49725-51137-8

Typing: Typing Tutor or similar online program

Thinking Skills: Brain Gym for all, Audiblox and other similar books and activities

Overview Year Planner - a Home Model

OverviewYear Planner with my notes

2010 Year Plan 40 weeks

Week Timetable & record of work

Daily Timetable

New Sonlight Stone Age Lapbook and Hands On Activity Page

Free Ancient History mini books and practical hands-on activities for the Stone Age

Download your 5 page Stone Age lapbook project here ~Stone Age

  1. Coil pot shape fold mini book
  2. Stone tools trifold
  3. Cave home mini book
  4. Stone Age facts 5 flap mini book
  5. First clothes petal mini book
  6. Making fire accordion mini book
  1. Coil pottery – make clay pots
  2. Weave with cardboard loom – make a lovely mat for doll’s house
  3. Sewing fake fur clothes
  4. Make camp fire and cook meat
  5. Make shell/ wood/ cork necklaces

For more Sonlight World History pages click here ~ Free Sonlight World History