Gideon & Samson ~ One-Page Bible Minibooks

We have completed several Old Testament Bible books with “Picture This!”

We have recently covered the book of Judges:

OT Bible Book ~ Judges

“Picture This!’ give a master picture of every book of the Bible as well as a shadow copy, for the students, with faint dotted outlines of the pictures.  They provide detailed notes and guidelines for the teacher and there are separate thumbnail illustrations which show how to complete the pictures .

The girls colour the pictures as I read the Bible.  We tend to spend about a week or 2 on each Bible book doing about half an hour first thing each day, and the coloured-in page presents a wonderful visual review.

For enrichment I created these one-page minibooks of Gideon and Samson for more detailed narrations.(Look here for different blank one-page minibook template downloads.)

The children cut out and correctly paste the speech bubbles (on a separate page) to complete the cartoon-type story summary.

For Samson I created an intermediate and more advanced minibook. The younger children’s minibook has larger pictures and less writing on the pages. The advanced minibook has more writing and requires more reading and interpretation.

Here are my 7 year-old’s minibooks ~

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Click here for your one-page minibook downloads ~

We have just finished our study of the Book of Ruth, so please pop by again soon to see what we did!