Special Night-time Notes

Children grow up so quickly!

With busy days and responsibilities I don’t always speak to each child privately.  And in the busyness, they don’t share their troubles and concerns.

Sadly, I don’t journal the many precious moments and memories.

But for almost 6 months now, this has changed.

My younger daughters and I write special notes to each other almost every night.  Remember I suggested handwriting notes?

We use special spiral notebooks, and I bought each child a special pen.

We write and reply to each other’s notes.

When we have finished writing, we tuck the notebook secretly under a pillow.

Of course, spelling and handwriting does not matter in the least.

My children love this liberty and they write freely.

Some nights there are questions.

Other nights they share concerns.

Most notes are simple love notes.

And now and then, they draw a picture or write a joke.  Humour is such a glorious gift!

Reading my children’s thoughts, prayers, fears, hopes and joys fills my heart with gladness.

I love the freedom they have to write and ask me deep and personal questions they would be too shy to ask out loud.

I especially love to bless them.

In meaningful words.


His promises and blessings.

I write of my joy and pride in them.

It’s personal.


From my heart to theirs.

From their child-hearts to mine.

We re-read these notes and bask in the joy of such love.

Recently, when my 11-year-old finished her notebook, she came to me and asked me to keep it safe for her.  I know she may cringe when she reads it when she is older, but I will always treasure it.

Captured in these pages are the joyful memories of our relationship and lives.

Savour your children and speak the words that fill their hearts.

All too soon they are grown up and going out into the world.

These are the memories I want to savour forever.