Bruegel Wedding Feast

We have started our next famous artist ~

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Because so many of his works feature peasants in everyday life, he was known as “Peasant Bruegel”.

My daughter chose this painting,The Wedding Feast, for our first art appreciation lesson.

The Peasant Wedding, a 1567 or 1568 painting b...

The Peasant Wedding, a 1567 or 1568 painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, with two men playing pijpzaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We both looked at all the details in his painting. He puts so much into his works that you can almost play “I spy” to try find the many characters!

I traced a fairly detailed outline of the painting.Bruegel Wedding Feast

Miss.L11 painted it with watercolors, carefully copying the colors. 2013-06-17 21.37.09

It took several short sessions before had she completed the entire painting, but it was a quiet and enjoyable activity.20130617_213723

Why don’t you give this art work a try?

  1. Find the painting online  ~
  2. Download the outline ~ Bruegel Wedding Feast
  3. Color or paint the picture if you wish.
  4. Have fun!