Confessions ~ I didn’t do it all!

It may seem that all my plans were fulfilled …

that I could do everything that I set out to do …

But I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

I never will.


Many plans stayed just that – lovely, good ideas on my pages.

Life is lived and plans make way.

Important things take precedence over those things that scream “Urgent!”

And not everything is urgent. Not really.

So, what got left out this year?

Physical Education

We did not do a single formal lesson.  Not one all year.

But my kids were active:

They did obstacle courses and played soccer with other homeschoolers,

They often swam in the dam,  and ran after sheep,

and climbed our mountain (a real mountain!)

They rode their bikes and scooters and skipped.

But I had planned some ball skills lessons, tennis, ballet lessons. Daily brain gym activities faded within weeks.

We live too far for outside coaching and what I can’t do, does not happen.

… oh, well …

Maybe next year?

I’ll add physical education to my planning pages and schedule it for an easier day, and make sure that the time spent is fun.  Short and sweet.  Maybe then we’ll get it done.

(Just an encouraging note:)

Please do not be intimidated by my plans or my posts.

I cannot do it all.

I have fears.

I often fail.

I have many insecurities.

My darling husband often listens to my cares and worries.  He has wiped away many a tear.

And my prayer journal is peppered with pleas and confessions.

The Lord constantly teaches and guides me.  And sometimes I hear Him and obey.  Other times, I miss the moment.  I botch things up.

My children are not always compliant.  They have their own issues and struggles.  We have our bad days.

But, we confess.


Begin again in the new day.

Just be faithful to do what the Lord has shown you to do now.  Don’t look too far ahead.

He leads us steadfastly and all we need to do is to trust and obey.

Blessings In Him,