More Klimt Art

Following Charlotte Mason’s approach, we have continued to look at and enjoy a famous artist and his works for several weeks.  This week we enjoyed more of Klimt’s amazing art.

Once again, as we did with our Klimt’s Tree of Life, I printed out outline pictures of some of his works and we sat quietly painting while we listened to music.


Kate and I both did the same picture, but each of us followed a different approach.

Kate painted hers in dazzling acrylic colors and gold, 
Kilmt Art1

Kilmt Art 003

while I studied the original painting and applied similar colors with gold paint.Kilmt Art2

Kilmt Art 001

Lara chose to do a Klimt picture of mother and child, and she stunned me with her beautiful technique.coloriage-klimtKilmt Art

Kilmt Art 002

Simple and beautiful, isn’t it?

Art appreciation is really do-able!  Give these ideas a try!




Klimt’s Tree of Life

Continuing from our previous Summer Art Klimt painting,

we painted our own versions of Klimt’s

Tree of Life

Klimt Tree of Life 003

I printed out an outline picture found on Google and we both had fun painting!

Klimt Tree of Life 002

Lara painted her tree “ombre” colors.

Klimt Tree of Life 001

I painted my background in gold, typical, I felt, of Klimt’s style.

Here’s another Klimt Art project  found on Deep Space Sparkle.


Summer Art ~ Klimt Inspiration

Barb has created Summer Art plans for Sketch Tuesday covering several famous artists.

She explains on Harmony Fine Arts,

“Each week I will be posting a sketch idea based on a great piece of artwork from a famous artist. I will give you a link to look at the painting online, a link to a biography or video, and a simple idea for your family to complete and then send in for the art show.”

We joined this week’s artist ~


We used Barb’s website image, but I just purchased a 2nd book The Great Artists Their Lives, works and inspiration on Klimt which we used to look at several of his works.  (Parents, please note that his works include several nudes which you may encounter if you browse his art online.)  Klimt 003

For Klimt’s “Kiss” Barb suggested,

“Fill your page with doodles, patterns, and shapes like you see in this painting. You can make a sketch of a person or landscape and then use the doodles to fill in the background, the clothing, or anything else you can think of for this assignment.”

We noted several features of his art ~

  • his use of patterns,especially circles, squares and repetition.
  • long, vertical lines which curve down his paintings
  • the use of gold
  • faces and heads very realistic, while the body is two-dimensional and flat
  • his use of pointillism, very small dots of colors
Klimt 001

Lara’s Klimt inspired art called “Fish”

Klimt 002

My Klimt inspired “Cuddle”

Join us all in these Summer Art Plans!