Vermeer Painting Made 3D

Our latest Famous Artist is

Johan Vermeer

His pictures are usually of rich, detailed interiors

featuring one or two people posed near a window.

Simple paintings to study and appreciate.

For the painting

Woman with a Water Jug

Johannes Vermeer - Young Woman with a Water Ju...

I prepared a 4-page printout ~ Jan Vermeer Woman with a Water Jug 3D picture

(Click the link for your free download)

I removed the background of 2 of the pictures using MSWord.

Now, the “how to” ~

  • Leave the first main full picture complete.
  • cut away some of the walls of the background in the next picture
  • use foam squares on all the corners
  • make a few larger cellotape circles for the insides of the cutouts

  • cut away more backgrounds and details in the next layer
  • carefully position each layer over the previous layer

  • each layer brings the painting into 3 dimensions!

And at last ~ a full, 3D-version of the painting!

A quick, easy and very effective art appreciation lesson.

Give it a try with your kids.