Top Practical Pages Posts of 2016

2017 has arrived, but as I look back over the past year and ponder the changes ahead, it is encouraging to see some of my blog’s top posts and pages ~


  1. Lapbooks especially Pearl Harbor and my Parables Lapbook
  2. Cursive Handwriting Step-by-step for Beginners and pop over to my Packages page for all my other Handwriting books
  3. Paper Dolls, especially the Knights and Medieval and Ancient paper dolls and men which are very popular.
  4. Maths Pyramids for Mental Maths Practice as well as my other Maths pages
  5. Minibook Master Templates with versions in Word for you to edit and use
  6. Bible pages, lapbooks and free downloads
  7. All my Copywork pages which are fantastic for handwriting practice!
  8. Classify Land Animals with free charts and photos of all the animals to accompany Apologia Zoology 3 Land Animals of te 6th Day
  9. My first Pinterest-famous post Tracing Outlines of Famous Art Works
  10. Mini Offices with reference charts for junior through to high school mini offices

Enjoy all these free downloads and I wish you and your family every blessing in 2017!