Buy Big Art Sets & Share

We recently did one of Tricia of Hodgepodge’s chalk pastel tutorials  (see all her tutorials here)

A Waterfall

Miss.L's Waterfall

We loved her simple tutorial and enjoyed the layering of colors, smudging and blending, and the overall result.

Nadene's Waterfall

But we were limited … our chalk pastel set was fairly small, old, and some important colors were used up …

I need to buy a nice new chalk pastel set  …

the widest range that I can afford,

with some extras of the popular colors too,

if they sell them loose.

And we will all share.

It works well with all our stationery sets,


except our paint sets, we each have our own.


Rather than buying sets for each child,

I believe that you can buy 1 good quality set for the family ~

felt-tipped pens (with at least 24 colors)
gel and glitter pens
the largest range of good quality colored pencil crayons (their color is clear, wood doesn’t splinter and lead doesn’t break)
a massive range of wax crayons (go for 24 or more colors)

& place them each in separate containers.(How do I organize the stationary?)


We pull the container out and put it in the middle of the table and share.

We seldom have squabbles.

The young kids learn quickly to close pen lids properly and not to drop the pencils.

P1160658All our art supplies are available – all the time.

When we use new or messy art supplies, I usually give brief instructions on how to work with and how to clean up the materials.

A short tutorial or demonstration also helps.

Thereafter my kids can experiment and “play” with new supplies.

How do you organize and inspire your children’s art?  Please share in the comments.