Current Affairs Calendar Maps Symbols & Flags

Current affairs (noun) Definition: Events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time.

Natural disaster(noun) Definition: An event such as a flood, earthquake, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life.

Event (noun)  Definition: A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance

Devastating hurricanes,  earthquakes, wildfires and floods wreak havoc on our world and fill our news feed and reports.  There are threats, attacks and wars loom.  People riot and protest and terrorists cause death and destruction.  New presidents and world leaders are elected. Countries and politics change. Heroes save lives and humanitarian aid rescues those in distress. This is current affairs

It is good to keep a record of current affairs, natural disasters and other major events happening around the world.  By regularly taking note of current affairs, your children will significantly enrich their general knowledge.  By placing world news, extreme weather disturbances, disasters and major events onto a map your children will form meaningful connections to their Geography, History and Social Studies lessons. 

Simply use my maps, flags and blank calendar page download found on my Packages Page), or simply clip news articles and photos to a bulletin board or onto a map each week.

I have completely updated my Current Affairs download for you.  (You can find a free Current Affairs sampler on my post – Notice Board Current Affairs .)

This brand new 19-page Package download includes ~

  • world maps
  • political maps for each continent with countries identified
  • thumbnail-sized flags for every country,
  • symbols for natural and man-made disasters to use on maps
  • colour-codes to highlight different events on the calendar
  • blank calendar pages to use to record significant events each month.
  • Filled-in current affairs calendar from January to September 2017 which I  compiled using Wikipedia.  These events have hyperlinks so that you can simply click the link to read the full articles.
  • The calendar is not dated, so it is a perpetual calendar download which you can print out each year as needed.

You can use the symbols and colour codes to mark these events on your world map or on the calendar.  Add country’s flags if you wish.  Cut out and paste newspaper clippings to add to your current affairs boards.  This is a quick, 10-minute lesson once a week.  We posted our current affairs pages on a clipboard on our Notice Board for quick and easy reference.

While this current affairs topic list is aimed at senior primary school to high school children, you can modify what events you cover to suit your children’s ages and interests.  Please note: Terrorist activity, wars and violence can be very disturbing for children.  Please use your discretion when these topics.

Please support me and purchase this 19-page download on my Packages Page

Here are some good current affairs websites ~

Blessings, Nadene

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Google Calendar Homeschool Planning

I simplified my homeschool planning for 2013 by entering everything on Google Calendar.

[To be honest, I use my Google calendar for my planning and I haven’t put it to the test with our actual 2013 schedule … and I still love paper calendars … smiles]

But it is an amazing immediate planning tool!  It is an easy way to capture all the basic lessons, add all the website-finds and organize the schedule with repeats to fill the weeks and months for a whole year!

Google Homeschool Calendar Jan2013For example,I quickly jotted the theme/ subject for each month and put these into the calendar.  As I searched out my Famous Artist pictures, biography etc. for the month, I simply copied all the website links, YouTube URLs, PDF files and documents right on the lesson plan on the calendar.  I used these details later to create my actual pages and detailed lessons.

A few extra tips for planning Famous Artist studies:

I often use Pinterest for picture searches. Repins add these new finds to my collection. I also right-click and “save image” to my computer and download images to each famous artist’s folder. Quick and easy = online visual record of my searches on Pinterest + a copy on my computer to use as a screen-saver or print out.

Here’s an example of my famous artist lesson plan: Famous Artist study and notes

How Google Calendar planning works for me ~

  1. Create a calendar for each child. (Create each calendar in a different color.)
  2. Plot in all school holidays to create my school terms.  (I downloaded the 2013 government school terms as my guideline)  You can copy your calendar to any other calendar you create.
  3. Plan the year with subjects and topics divided across the 12 months.  (I do this with good old-fashioned pen and paper first)
  4. Type in the Nature Study topic, Hymn, Famous Artist and & Famous Composer for every month of the year.
  5. Enter subjects as an event.  In the event mode, I can also add #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10 below.
  6. Assign a color for each subject. (On the calendar it shows as a colored bar, on the printout it is a small rounded square of color)
  7. Click for repeated themes or lessons – Google calendar offers daily, specific days each week, all work-days, weekly, monthly etc.
  8. In the “Descriptions” box, add lessons, chapters & pages to the basic lesson entry. It may be easy to type in the book title for all and then go back to each repeat lesson to add the specific chapter and page numbers.
  9. Also add website links, documents, files and notes for each lesson in the description box.
  10. Attach files. I love this feature as I can organize my downloads to each lesson and print out lapbooks, maps, pictures later when I prepare for the month ahead.Attach document to calendar
  11. Under Tasks add further details for the day – complete and hand in a lapbook/ do a review or a test.
  12. Reminders can easily be added in the edit form – either as an email or a pop-up.  (I chose a pop-up because I don’t want my inbox cluttered with reminders.)
  13. I can print out the calendar.  You can select daily, weekly, the agenda, or monthly view, or even a specific range of dates. (I must confess I am disappointed that text does not wrap in the month view, and even when I selected the “smaller” print size, it was tiny and difficult to read.) I created events as “all day” rather than schedule the times so that the lesson prints out without the times taking up the space. Tick off  the “Add Descriptions” box to have all the extra info printed with the lessons. If printed in color all the events are printed with a small colored block.

This is what the Week Agenda looks like ~ Google Calendar Agenda View

If I had typed in the lessons with time schedules, these lessons would be listed with times instead of “All day” and would be arranged in order of their times.

My Task List print out would look like this:Google Task print out

Some other great features:

  • My Calendar year plan print out will also become my record of work.
  • I can tick off attendance and completed tasks on the calendar as we go along – both on the tasks on the actual Google calendar or on my paper print out.
  • With a click I can add my personal plans/ meal plans/ birthdays on the calendar view.
  • Drag and drop makes changes simple!
  • My calendar on my laptop is available for the kids on the desktop.  If children are old enough and have a gmail account, they can log in and access the calendar for themselves. (Just ensure that “modify event” box is unticked if you don’t want them to make changes)
  • I can take my calendar everywhere on “smart” phone.  This is useful when booking appointments or checking upcoming themes when browsing in the library.

I must admit that mid-year I went and bought the Homeschool Tracker Plus program hoping to use it to plan and record my highschooler’s academic year, but it is just way too complex for me.  Even though I used the forum, I kept getting muddled entries, or “loosing” a whole year’s plans for a subject … and I gave up. (I must spend some more evenings watching their training videos and I still would like to master the program as I believe that it will be a valuable tool.)

But right now, I have easy, quick, detailed and comprehensive plans that work for me on Google calendar.

Do you use Google calendar? What other Google calendar planning tips and tricks do you have?


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Scripture Prayer Calendar

Praying Mothers impact their children’s lives for the kingdom of God.

Over at Inspired to Action I downloaded Kat’s

Inspired to Action Prayer Calendar for Mothers.

Each day focuses on

  • a specific spiritual character
  • followed by a mother’s prayer for her children
  • & scripture reference

Each day you pray for your child’s Salvation,  their Growth in Grace, Love, Honesty/ Integrity, Self-Control and many more qualities.

I have loved praying specifically each day, and wanted to read the scriptures each day too …

… so I created a Scripture Prayer Calendar which now stands on my desk.

My kids read it too, which is a real blessing.

To make your own Prayer Calendar  (with updates)

Download the files ~

  1. Print out on card stock
  2. Cut out each page
  3. Fold and glue the 2 front covers and 2 back covers together for extra strength
  4. Fold and glue the attaching piece to the inside bottom of the front & back covers
  5. Punch 2 holes at the top each page
  6. Insert rings and it’s done!
  7. Use it for your own devotions or take a quiet moment to read the scripture and pray together.

Do you pray specifically for your children?  Share with us in the comments.


I have published this with Kat’s permission at Inspired to Action and acknowledging her use of Bob Hostetler’s original prayer list.