Scripture Illustrations – Blessings

 I love to illustrate with scriptures verses.

My illustrations of a Young Woman in Armor and Young Man in Armor are the most often requested illustrations and they have been reproduced for church camps, printed on T-shirts and even translated into Spanish and made into posters!

But my scripture illustrations began years ago and were published on the front page of our monthly church magazines. These were mostly simple verses that inspired stylized illustrations.

Recently, when I searched through my “sentimental” box I came across my stash of scripture illustrations and thought I would love to share them here on Practical Pages!

So, here’s the first one ~

Based on the blessings of the Lord found in Deuteronomy 28: 1-15, I combined the Feasts of Israel with the Messianic meaning.

Scripture Illustrations 001

I commissioned my professional artist sister, Melissa, to paint a large canvas version.  This painting is about 2.5m by 1.8m and fills the main wall in our dining room.


It is stunning!

Rich, colorful and full of meaning.

Here is your free Scripture Illustration ~

Deut 28 Blessings of the Lord