Bible ~ Ruth

The Book of Ruth

Here is the “Picture This!” page of the book of Ruth completed by my 10 year-old.

Picture This! Book of Ruth

This was a precious book to study and to rejoice in Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer!  Ruth’s faithfulness and her modest and obedient behaviour inspired my girls.

This week I let the girls draw their own 0ne-page minibook story.  They did lovely original minibooks:

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If you need blank one-page minibook templates ~ click here

Gideon & Samson ~ One-Page Bible Minibooks

We have completed several Old Testament Bible books with “Picture This!”

We have recently covered the book of Judges:

OT Bible Book ~ Judges

“Picture This!’ give a master picture of every book of the Bible as well as a shadow copy, for the students, with faint dotted outlines of the pictures.  They provide detailed notes and guidelines for the teacher and there are separate thumbnail illustrations which show how to complete the pictures .

The girls colour the pictures as I read the Bible.  We tend to spend about a week or 2 on each Bible book doing about half an hour first thing each day, and the coloured-in page presents a wonderful visual review.

For enrichment I created these one-page minibooks of Gideon and Samson for more detailed narrations.(Look here for different blank one-page minibook template downloads.)

The children cut out and correctly paste the speech bubbles (on a separate page) to complete the cartoon-type story summary.

For Samson I created an intermediate and more advanced minibook. The younger children’s minibook has larger pictures and less writing on the pages. The advanced minibook has more writing and requires more reading and interpretation.

Here are my 7 year-old’s minibooks ~

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Click here for your one-page minibook downloads ~

We have just finished our study of the Book of Ruth, so please pop by again soon to see what we did!

Put on the full armor

Our spiritual position is

fully dressed

and equipped with the whole armor of God

and to

take our stand …

After reading Ephesians 6:10 I wanted to encourage my daughters to be fully clothed …

and I drew this Medieval Era inspired picture …

How often are we undressed and ill-prepared to face the battles?

We are all called to be fully clothed and ready.

This is not a fight for the soldiers, for men, for the strong and ready…

We are all facing flaming arrows, deceptions, lies, powers and principalities that seek to weaken and over-throw us!

We need to be constanly protected,





“having done all,

to stand!”

You are welcome to download this picture to encourage others ~ Full armor of God

Bible Study ~ Priest’s Garments

For Bible Study we are using “Picture This!” from and the children have enjoyed drawing their overview pages of each book of the Bible we have done so far.

All the stories from Genesis on 1 page

Exodus summarized in pictures as we read

Because this is a visual reference or overview, we often stop to ~

* study a story, event or characters in more detail (even dramatize ~ do puppet shows – finger puppets are quick and fun!)

* do some hands-on activity eg.: build models, do lapbook or minibooks

* memory verse practice

* sing songs or hymns

* write in our notebook  pages

* place our timeline pictures (from Sonlight) on the timeline

* pray!

The Tabernacle

I made a Tabernacle cross minibook shaped like a cross; with the outer court and Holy Place and Most Holy Place’s articles.  There is place to write how Jesus fulfilled the Tabernacle’s purposes on the minibooks.

Cross-shaped minibook of the Tabernacle's articles

Writing about Jesus' representation on the outside of each flap

Cover representing the Outer Court enclosing the cross-shaped minibook

To go with this theme I made a Priest’s garment paper figure with all his priestly garments separately to dress him as described in Exodus.

High Priest's Clothes

I pray and trust the Holy Spirit to show us where to stop and listen to Him and obey what He is saying to us.  He alone can make all of this word Light, Life and Truth!

Sonlight Sing The Word cd ~ Free Wall Chart

Children memorize better when they sing!

Sonlight use a number of excellent cds to help teach scriptures,  Geography and even Language!

I have made a double A4 wall chart (All have sinned and fallen short – wall chart) for the cd Sing the Word with the memory verses and scriptures for each song from A to Z. (The example below shows the layout, but the chart has lovely different fonts and rainbow colours!)

You can laminate these pages for durabilityor enlarge them.  I stuck the wall chart behind the bathroom door … on the fridge?  I have even made a mural in a baby’s room with this layout.  Wouldn’t it make a great quilt?  Enjoy!

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.                    Rom 3:23

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ & you will be saved!

Acts 16:31

Children obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.

Col 3:20

Do unto others what you would have them do to you,

Mat 7:12

Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure & right.

Prov 20:11

Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1

Give thanks in all circumstancefor this is God’s will for you

1Thes 5:18

Honour your father & mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord is giving you.

Ex 20:12

I am  the vine, you are the branches

John 15:5

Jesus Christ

is the same yesterday & forever

Heb 13:8


your tongue from evil & your lips from speaking lies.

Psalm 34:13

Look to me & be saved, all the ends of the earth!

Is 45:22