Voortrekker Ox Wagon Paper Model

Here is my 3D paper model of Voortrekkers and ox wagon, the latest paper model in my series of historical African culture and heritage hands-on activities.

This download includes a Voortrekker family, an ox wagon, a team of yoked oxen and Africans with a mountain pass background triorama. Colouring in, cutting out and creating these 3D paper models are wonderful hands-on activities while mom reads aloud. This paper model is fairly fiddly and young children may need some assistance.  Encourage your children to interact and act out the Voortrekker stories with their paper models.  It is  a wonderful way for History to come alive!  This paper model is a perfect fit for the Footprints in Our Land, our South African, literature-based Social Studies curriculums.

Some historical background:

The Voortrekkers were Dutch-speaking colonists living in the Cape under the British-run colonial administration of southern Africa and who migrated away from the British colony in large groups from 1836 in a movement called The Great Trek.

The traditional Voortrekker wagon was called “kakebeenwoens” because they resembled the jawbone of an animal. These wagons carried essential household goods, clothes, bedding, furniture, agricultural implements, fruit trees and weapons. These wagons negotiated the veld, narrow ravines, and steep precipices of the Drakensberg mountains with their livestock and family walking alongside.  When the travellers reached the end of their day’s journey, they set up their laager ‘wagon fort’ camps in an area which had water & suitable grazing for the oxen and horses.

You can order my Voortrekker ox wagon paper model download on my Order Packages page. You can find all my African houses paper models in the series —

I would love to share a freebie with you. Each paper model comes with a triorama background. A triorama forms a wonderful 3D pyramid shape with a base. It requires just 2 folds and snip to make, so it’s very simple, but looks dramatic!

Please pop over to my Packages page to order your download. Thank you for your support.

Blessings, Nadene

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Our 3-Dimensional Model of Little House in the Big Woods

The girls love to colour in while I read!

Garth Williams’ illustrations in The House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder are absolutely gorgeous.

With these details in mind I made this house model for the girls to colour in:

Little House with attic flap, door and window flaps

House interior as seen inside the door flap

Bedroom interior as seen through the window flap

Pumpkin box-fold and pasted against the floor and roof of the attic

Accordion-fold the hanging meat and food and paste this on to the roof corners

If you would like to try this with your children, click here to download the house exterior (page 1) and the interior, details and instructions (page 2) ~Little House 3D Model

Finished interiors of the Little House in the Big Woods

PS: I must confess that I coloured this one in ~ I just couldn’t wait for the girls … it was such fun … they will start theirs this week 🙂