South African Money Worksheets

South African R1 Coin

South African R1 coin

We are South Africans and use Singapore Maths.  As the Singapore Maths books use American money, I created South African Coin and Note Worksheets for our junior/ middle schooler to supplement our money studies.

South African Coins and Notes ~ South African money

Included in this 13 page download is a coin and note chart which could be enlarged and laminated or duplicated, cut out and used for practice and “shop” play.  This download has adding, matching coins to amounts, working with Rand coins, shopping with coins, comparing more or less, changing money, subtracting to work out change.

Free download ~ South African Money Chart

Making ‘cents’ out of Money

Add and subtract cents to calculate change. (Read the original post)

  • Adding cents to make a rand with 10 cents.
  • Add cents and rands to make the next full rand.
  • Subtract 10 cents increments of full rands.

Here is your free 4-page download ~ SA Money Changing Rands

24 thoughts on “South African Money Worksheets

  1. Why South African money versus any other? Are you South African? I am and was just curious. It is always nice to come across another South African especially someone who homeschools. Thanks for the Impressionist Lap book we will start on it this week.


    • Hi Susan, we’re South Africans using Singapore Maths books and they used American coinage. I want my girls to be able to calculate with our money system. These worksheets supplement our Singapore Maths books. You’re welcome – enjoy the lapbook!


      • i didn’t know that you too are PROUDLY South African, nogals, i started using your print outs for my 7 year old boy, the cursive writing, we just love it. We moved to the States some years ago and i just wanted to blanket my children from the USA education and esp spelling…lol so i too am home schooling the Mason way, it’s more about character than earning a degree and good manners which is evident is missing.


  2. I was wondering if there is a time limit or if the link has messed up….or did I mess up! 😉 I’d love to add this download to our African continet bin.



    • Hi Honey, all my downloads are free. I’ve checked the link so you should be able to download the pdf. file. It has 13 pages, so it is rather big. Enjoy!


  3. Hi, I’m loving your blog. Thank you for blessing us all with your freebies. This African money will finish off our project nicely so thank you so much,



  4. Hi,
    Please email us the link for ‘South African Money Worksheets’, I can not open it from your website.

    Thank you, great site!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Hello there…
    I’m a pre-primary school teacher and was so excited to find your simple graphics on SA coins for my shopping activity this week. I have searched several sites but have found no colouring in style pages of our SA notes. In the past I have simply made photocopies of the SA notes but they come out so dark and quite frankly they are too detailed for my intended purposes. Can you please help me out with this?


    • I purchased my SA Money, with both realistic notes and coins, from Smile Educational Toys several years ago. The South African Reserve Bank does not allow us to photocopy notes, not even for educational purposes. My SA money notes are icons rather than a copy of the original. You will find these on the first page of the sa-money-new.pdf download.

      Hope this helps 🙂


  6. i love the worksheets :). I’m in my final year and I have to introduce money next week to my grade 2’s. these will help me alot. thank you Nadene 🙂


  7. What a wonderful blog! Your worksheets are so useful for teaching my Grade 1s! I’m a first-year teacher, so it’s great finding such a valuable resource. Thank you so much for sharing them! 🙂



  8. Hi Nadene
    I have been scouring internet for our shopping theme when I came across your site. It is awesome thank you so much. I am however having problems with the download to Only shows me the 4 pages of adding and subtracting.
    pls help? Once again Thank you so much.


  9. Hi Nadene
    We’ve chosen to commemorate the passing of Nelson Mandela by making a lapbook on South Africa. We currently live in Singapore, and it is very encouraging to see what you are doing in your Homeschool. I’ve also decided to use Singapore Maths, and love the Charlotte Mason approach. Your site was recommended to me by a mutual friend in Middelburg, but I realised that I’d already saved it on my favourites! Thank you for sharing everything – as I said, it is very encouraging!


  10. I am so glad I found this as I am a Jesus-child too. I am 68 years of age and need to learn to help my church organisation with money-handling for our old age home. I don’t have any knowledge and am totally reliant of the Holy Spirit. God bless you. Anne


  11. Hi, nice website. Where can I find the 13 page download about SA money that you are talking about? Or is it only the 4 page one that is available now? Thanks!


    • @Andrea, thanks for the ‘heads up” on the missing link, which was ‘hidden’ in the title. All the downloads are clearly marked and working now! Blessings!


  12. Nadene, thanks so much for your help with the downloads. These money worksheets are awesome! Saving me loads of time in making them myself. Thanks for making them available for free.


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