10 thoughts on “Medieval Lady

  1. Nadine,
    I love your page and would love to use some of your ideas. Can you tell me where you found the information (research) to use for your paper dolls? They are wonderful.


    • @Diane Sims, thank you for your comments. My daughter drew most of the Middle Ages paper doll clothes based on ideas she saw in DVDs like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Forever After”. I have used The Usborne “Time Traveler” and The Usborne book of “Living Long Ago” for other details and notes.


  2. These are great, Nadene! My students, the female students anyway, need both the kinesthetic and visual modalities to better understand the abstract nature of history. Thank you for your generous contribution for my students!


  3. Lovely idea. As a Montessori teacher I love seeing children able to “touch stuff” when they are learning about new things. Thank you for these and the maths charts, wonderful additions to my maths library for students of all ages.


  4. I was so excited to find your paper dolls. I was looking for something for my kids to use as paper puppets to help them retain the stories and help them narrate better. I am having a hard time with your links to the Medieval period paper dolls. It brings me to the comments but no way to download the pdf.


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