Here are my notebook pages, minibooks and lapbook projects, handwriting charts and booklets, organizational tips and ideas…  that I would love to share with you.

You are welcome to download these pages freely for your own personal use.

Copyright ©2015 Nadene Esterhuizen
All rights reserved.  These files are copyrighted and for your personal use only.  No part of these publications should be copied, shared or sold to anyone else. 

I’d love to hear from you ~  if you have enjoyed a download, need advice or just wish to chat to me, please feel free to write on the contact form on my About Me page. I will respond to your private message ASAP 🙂


Blessings, Nadene

37 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. Hello, and thank you for sharing.

    Questions for you–if you have time to reply I would very much appreciate it–How long is your school day? How much time do you allot for each subject? Your schedule looks full (many subjects) and I have found that I cannot get as much accomplished as your schedule (plan) shows that you do. I only homeschool one–9 yr old girl. Any helpful advice would be great. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for sharing your website! Love the free resources:) I have 3 kids and have been homeschooling 2 of them, the youngest is 18months.

    Thanks again,


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  6. I just found your website, and you rock! Thank you for being so generous and sharing so wonderfully! I’m planning for next school year already and will be using your resources a ton! I’ve also “pinned” several things onto Pinterest. I’ll be checking back in soon. Thank you so much!


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  9. Thank you so much for your giving heart. I particularly love the “Who I am in Christ” calendar as I am dealing with some things in my life and it really is a great blessing. ❤


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  15. We are learning about the Tabernacle and the Priest’s Garments. I really like your Paper dolls and cross Tabernacle. Is that something I may share with my class. I could not locate the book that I thought might contain these items. I like paper dolls and these will help us to remember what is what. Thank you.


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