Sketch Tuesday ~ Something in a Smoothie

Sketching and painting for me is







It is why I love to take part in Sketch Tuesday.

Barb of Harmony Art Mom offers a simple weekly topic or theme, and then puts together a slideshow of all the emailed sketches.

No competition, no comments, no evaluation, so, no threat.

Yet, just viewing the slideshow of the participant’s sketches is an inspiration.  I listen to my children’s observations and how they are inspired to work at improving their art.


This weekend my youngest daughter and I happily sketched and painted this for this week’s Sketch Tuesday ~

Have you joined Sketch Tuesday?  What have your children (and yourself) enjoyed most about it? Please share in the comments.


Sketch Tuesday ~ Logo

This week’s assignment was ~

Draw something with a logo

Almost anything we buy has a logo on it!

I looked around and chose book publishers’ logos:

Miss K12 sketched clothes and a well-known fashion shop:

And Miss. L9 sketched her T-shirt with its famous logo:

See you at Barb‘s  Sketch Tuesday slideshow this week!

Happy sketching!


Sketch Tuesday ~ Bikes

What would you see in a Bike Shop?Bike shop, Carrick on Suir.


So we brought in one of the girl’s bikes,

set it up a corner

and sat down on the floor really close to focus on




nuts and bolts




I told them NOT to draw the whole bike.

Just start at a wheel nut, a centre hub, a nut and work from there out to fill the page.

Here are our sketches:

Bike by Miss. L9

Bike by Miss. K12 in pencil

Bike by Nadene

Join us and Barb‘s Sketch Tuesday anytime!

Happy sketching!


Sketch Tuesday ~ Stew O’Keeffe Style

I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s art!

She paints things BIG.

It can’t fit the canvas.

Looks like abstract art.

Brooklyn Museum - Blue 1 - Georgia O'Keeffe

Sketch Tuesday has been a very easy way to learn about new artists or styles and try them out.  Remember our Georgia O’Keeffe’s flowers and Danny Gregory’s USA sketches?

With this week’s theme “Sketch Something You Put In A Stew”,  my kids were not inspired.

“I don’t want to draw food,” my middle-schooler told me.

But my brain was tickled.

I was inspired.

I took the veggies, a chopping board and knife and sliced things in different ways.  We noticed patterns of seeds, swirls, centres, colours, rings, radial lines … not just food. (Although we did start nibbling on some carrots and green beans.)

Then we looked at Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and marveled how she made macro studies of her objects.  I found this fantastic Power Point presentation of her works.

We all started to sketch.  My 12-year-old did a baby gem squash in soft pencils and did a marvellous sketch.

My 9-year-old and I took waterproof ink and nib pens to draw ours and painted over the sketch.

Lovely inspired art.

You can still join Barb‘s  Sketch Tuesday this week as she will only post the sketches for next week!

Happy sketching!


Sketch Tuesday ~ Something that lives long

What an interesting topic!

What comes to mind?





Granny or Oupa?

Here’s what we sketched:

A Cat Has Nine Lives! by Miss. K12

Crocodiles Live Long by Miss. L9

Trees Live Long by Nadene

See you at Barb’s Harmony Arts Mom slideshow!



Sketch Tuesday ~ Measuring

This week Barb at Harmony Art Mom asked us to ~

Sketch Something You Use to Measure

And here’s our art ~

by Miss. L9

by Miss. K12

by Nadene

Happy sketching and see you at the slide show!


2 Sketch Tuesdays ~ Glows & USA


Barb and Sketch Tuesday are back!

Here’s what we posted for

Something That Glows

by Miss.L9

by Miss. K11

by Nadene

Made in USA

Miss. L9's hamburger & Coke

Miss. K11's Revlon lipstick and nail varnish & sunglasses

My "Danny Gregory inspired" USA images

Barb posted an inspiring Danny Gregory video a week or so ago.  We all checked it out and his work is about simple everyday stuff and his technique is stunning.

I was immediately inspired and took out our nib pens and ink and started sketching.  Despite our ink NOT being waterproof, I painted with water colours and I was very happy with the results.  The sort of smudged and messy look is something I rarely do, but I liked the freedom!

Sketch Tuesday has been a very easy way to learn about new artists or styles and try them out.  I remember falling in love with Georgia O’Keeffe’s art.

So go ahead this week and use the suggested Sketch Tuesday topic and try a new medium, imitate a new artist or try a new style.

Happy sketching!


Sketching Something Brown For Sketch Tuesday

What do you think of when I say the word


Living on a farm, I can think of lots of brown …

garden soil

deep, dark brown compost


pooh … cow pooh,  sheep pooh …

our beautiful brown Jersey cows with their caramel brown calves…

brown ploughed lands ready for Spring plantings

But we all spontaneously thought of yummy brown things …

Lindt chocolates

layered chocolate cake

chocolate sauce pouring over cakes

hot chocolate drinks with cream …

And here are our sketches:

Miss. L9's delicious brown goodies!

Miss. K11's beautiful dipping chocolate hearts

My dream chocolate treats

We can’t wait for the official Sketch Tuesday to start 6th September!


Painting Telephones for Sketch Tuesday

Here are our colourful paintings of telephones for our own Sketch Tuesday themes …

Telephones by Miss. L9

Telephone by Miss. K11

Telephones by Nadene

We’re  going on with random topics until Sketch Tuesday opens again in September …

Why don’t you join us!  Just do a simple weekly assignment or theme and have fun!


July Sketch Tuesday Art

We’re back to school after our July winter break.  My kids loved their free days around the farm and time for creative beading, reading, baking, sewing and crafting.

One of the few constants in our home is art and crafts.  We sketched right through the school holidays.  My kids just love Sketch Tuesday themes – they’re simple, yet creative ideas. 

Although Sketch Tuesday is officially closed till September,   I penciled in some Sketch Tuesday themes from Barb’ past slide shows on our calendar and we sketched each week.

Even some friends and visitors joined in.

Here are some of our sketches for our July slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you still sketching?