Minibook Master Template Download

Here are my favourite minibook templates all in 1 download.

To download your MS Word version ~ click here ~ Minibook Master Template MS Word

To download your pdf version ~ click here ~ Minibook Master Template pdf

Accordion minibooks

Flap minibooks

Cross, circle petal and arrow flap minibooks

Matchbook and pocket minibooks

Flap minibooks

Flag minibooks with brad, circle and pentagon petal minibook

Square petal minibook & triangle flap minibook

5 Tab Minibook

NEW! Step minibook

circle Accordion minibooks

Lapbook Planner Sheet

There are several ways you can use this download:

  • Print and use the minibooks:

Print it out on card stock. Use them as a template to draw and cut out on coloured paper. Store these folded and ready in ziplock bags (Check out Jimmie’s Collage – where I first saw this idea.)

Minibooks cut and ready

  • How to use this download to create your own lapbook:

Save the Minibook Master Template file on to your computer.  Open it and open a new Word document. Copy a suitable template from the Master Template and paste it on the new document.  Make it larger or smaller or rotate it.  I add a text box, paste it near the minibook and type my instructions or information in this.  Then I copy and paste clip art or pictures to suit my theme.  I add this information to my lapbook planner (on page 12) and add web site links, book page or chapter number.  As I develop the lapbook I consider different style minibooks for variety and for use, (eg.:a 4 Flaps Minibook or a 4 Tab Minibook for 4 pieces of information.)

  • Make a Lapbook Folder to store all the minibook templates:

When I started making minibooks, I needed to see the minibook in “real life” so I printed the templates and stuck them into a cardboard folder.  I grouped them in styles.  As I planned my lapbook, I browsed through my folder and chose the style minibook. I wrote this on my lapbook planner and then created the lapbook on the computer.  The girls still prefer to choose the minibook they want by browsing through this folder.

Examples in my folder page 1

More Examples page 2

Even more examples page 3

  • Here are the many helpful web sites, free downloads and templates I found: ~ excellent lists of EVERY template by divisions with hyperlinks  – all organized!

Squidoo Minibook Gallery ~Jimmie has created the most comprehensive gallery of photos and info on minibooks. ~simple, clear and classic photo layout with free downloads

Did you spot the newest, simplest minibook called a STEP MINIBOOK? Look on page 11 of the download and go on ~ try it! I found it at

Freebieoftheday! Famous Impressionist Artists

This year I have decided to focus on Famous Impressionist Artists and created a Famous Impressionist Lapbook with minibooks, biography pages and a wall chart!  I’d love to share this with you.  Here is a complete package for your Famous Impressionist Artist study.

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Famous Impressionist Lapbook ~ Famous Impressionist Artist Lapbook (Downlaod)

A lapbook or notebook & minibook combination, this versatile 18 page pdf. package includes thumbnails of masterpieces, suggested activities, blank minibook templates and an organized lapbook planner for any option using these minibooks. This download will offer enough material for a dedicated study of each artist and their works.


These minibooks are blank with  thumbnail pictures of famous masterpieces for each minibook.  This allows the child to make their lapbook and minibooks unique!

More Impressionist Minibooks and activity pages

Artists featured are:

Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin, Mary Cassatt, Paul Signac, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot

And that’s not all … to go with the minibooks …

Famous Impressionist Biography Pages ~


Blank Biography Famous Impressionist Artists ~ Our 13 featured artists on blank page. Ideal for minibook combo!

Primary Biography Famous Impressionist Artists ~ The 13 artists with red & blue & dotted grey lines in wider spaces for beginner writers

Black line Biography Famous Impressionist Artists ~ As above with neat black and dotted grey lines for more mature writers.

Display a A4 wall chart ~ Famous Impressionist Wall Chart 2016 (download)
Features one artist a month and a suggested study of his/her works.

I have selected my favourites of their works and have made a mini-gallery for each artist.

Included in the package is a brief biography of each artist  in the 16 page pdf. download.

This A4 page could also be added to a minioffice!

For some more tips, ideas and suggestions on this wall chart download click ~ here

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Announcing ~ Freebie of the day

Every day is Freebie of the day on this blog ~ BUT …. has decided to feature my latest Freebie next week along with something free for each day from other companies!

I  love their freebies!  I’ve downloaded MP3 stories with accompanying colouring in pages, ebooks, videos, resources and delightful homeschool goodies ~ free!  They even send you a “Heads Up” email weekly to tell you what to expect in the new week!

So … what am I going to share this week on Freebieoftheday?  Here’s a sneaky preview ~

Lapbook planner and Impressionist minibooks

More Impressionist Minibooks and activity pages

Ok, so you guessed it ~ a brand new Famous Impressionist Artist Minibook & Lapbook bundle!

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So join me here on Monday 8th February and download your Freebie!

New Ancient Egypt Lapbook & Activities

Hot off the press!  My new Ancient Egypt Lapbook is here! Here’s the download ~ Ancient Egypt Lapbook

3D Ancient Egypt lapbook

Pyramid-shaped lapbook folds flat to store with other Ancient Egypt work

This lapbook is created to become a 3D pyramid-shaped folder.  The 16-page download includes:

  • Lapbook planner ~ with answers and references & websites
  • minibooks ~ People, hieroglyphics, write your name in hieroglyphics, hieroglyphic message to decode, word search, Rosetta stone, making papyrus, Egyptian burial and Egyptian food
  • Biography page ~ King Tutankhamun
  • Pictures to colour & make into puzzles
  • Additional hands-on activities ~ making papyrus, baking bread in pots, a model of Egyptian home, ‘mummify’ a doll, make sarcophagus, making a water-clock and making a shaduf.

What about downloading some Ancient Egyptian Paper dolls and men to go with your Ancient Egypt studies? Pop over to my Paper Dolls page for the downloads.

Ancient Egypt Men    Paper Doll Ancient Egypt

Hope you and your children enjoy learning about Ancient Egypt!


Assembling our Aesop Lapbook

We downloaded the Aesop Lapbook from and it was wonderful!  This project  provided a huge variety of minibooks, activities and lesson ideas.  Each day’s reading and lapbook activity was a  delight and an adventure!

Here are the step-by-step details of assembling the Aesop Lapbook:

Assembling lapbook - stack pages

Piercing thread through the folder

Bring thread through pages and tie

Paste puppets to decorate inside folder

Brads and thread to close lapbook

Duct tape on front of lapbook

Fold over and stick duct tape to back of lapbook

Punch holes into duct tape

Showing and retelling to Dad - so proud!

Lapbook in the file

And guess what my girls said when we filed this lapbook?

“Mom, we want to do all our school work like this!  This was such fun!”

Have you had fun doing your lapbooks?


Free Tudor Lapbook

At last ~ our Tudor Lapbook for you to download for free!

How to file your lapbook

How to file your lapbook

Tudor Lapbook opened

Tudor Lapbook opened

This 16 page download includes the folding and assembly instructions, all the minibook templates and information to use to complete the minibooks and 2 biography notebooking pages on King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

The Tudor Topics:

  • Tudor Artefacts
  • What Tudor kings would and would NOT do
  • Hampton Court and Tudor Food
  • Tudor Entertainment
  • Tudor Monarchs
  • King Henry VIII’s 6 wives
  • William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s Language

United Nations Notebooking & Minibook Page

Here is a notebook and minibook combo page on United Nations. Enjoy!

Check out other free Sonlight Notebooking pages here

Famous Musicians Notebook and Minibook page

Here is a wonderful free download featuring these famous classical composers:

  • Handel
  • Bach
  • Mozart
  • Beethoven

Notebook page with minibooks

This download includes a biography page for each composer with lines for biography notes and space for interesting facts or illustrations about each composer.

The minibooks include a petal minibook which can be used for each composer.Annotation 2020-02-14 122948

And a hotdog minibook for musical word definitions:

Famous Musician Hotdog minibook

You can download this file free ~ Famous Musicians Notebook with Minibook pages

Enjoy!  Blessing, Nadene

More minibooks please!

minibooks on a notepage

minibooks on a notepage

Minibooks opened

Minibooks opened

Mapping World War II

Mapping World War II



My little 7-year-old dd has loved our recent minibook & notebook pages and has literally made duplicates of every minibook I have provided.  (You’ll notice her duplicate minibooks near the printed minibooks!)  She loves cutting and folding and pasting these booklets on to her notepage.

I realized that I can offer her much more independence and allow her to choose a template, print it out so that she can cut out and paste clip art and headings that I present for each minibook.  If I breakdown my own preparation she can enjoy more of the creative process!

We’re all always growing and learning! 🙂

Combining Notebook and Minibook Pages

Notepage with minibooks closed at top

Notepage with minibooks closed at top

Minibook "doors" open!  Look inside!

Minibook "doors" open! Look inside!

We love these combo pages!

The girls illustrated the details of their narrations inside these shutter fold minibooks.

Below them they wrote about 5 sentences.

I urge them to retell me at least 5-8 facts.

They are often delighted when I show them they narrated over 15 facts!

This is really encouraging – they are listening while I read to them!

The advantage of this combo is that they can do the work over several days if they want to include a lot of detail.  They prefer the booklets to the writing, but will quickly start writing so that they can enjoy the minibooks.



Here are some of the combo page themes I’ve used for our Sonlight World History Core 1:

  • Famous Musicians – minibook on musical words+ Composer petal book on his childhood, his prefered instrument, difficulties he faced, his family life, his most famous composition
  • Slavery and American Civil War – Flap minibook on the north and south forces, flag, uniforms and generals + a concertina booklet about Abraham Lincoln
  • Inventions – Layer book with a page for each invention + match picture of invention to the inventor
  • Industrial Revolution – Petal fold on the overcrowding, poverty, pollution in the cities + flap book on the cotton, wood, sugar and coal required
  • American Indians – Triangle petal booklet about what happened to the Indians + a shutter 4 fold minibook about effects of the settlers on the Indians

…. just to name some …

Give combo notebook + minibook page a try!

Pop over to my History Free Pages for your downloads.