Maths Flowers ~ More Mental Maths Worksheets

I have made these mental maths worksheets to add some variety to your previous Mental Maths downloads!

Maths Flowers

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These 13 pages of Maths Flowers include adding,subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each page is dedicated to one number concept;

+ 2, -2 or x2 and divide 2

3, or 4 or 5 x table

bonds of 10

and blank page for you to customize.

Here is your 13 page download ~ Maths Flowers

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Maths Manipulatives – makes Maths fun!

Do your children struggle with Maths?

Do they hesitate and seem unsure?

Are they battling to remember bonds and tables?

Does maths take long because they are computing with difficulty?

A young child needs to practice Maths concepts over and over until they are well-memorized.  This skill makes abstract Maths work easier and quicker.

Young learners need concrete, hand-on manipulatives.  I have had success teaching maths with just a few manipulatives:

  • blocks
  • unifix
  • number value cards
  • wheels
  • flip cards

kinesthetic learners (a child with the learning style that requires movement) enjoy turning wheels, flipping charts or working with something in their hands.  These manipulatives are ideal for workbox activities or individual work before doing formal maths workbook activities.

I have made my own maths number value cards with worksheets and other suggested activities.  I also made some wheels to practice multiplication, division and adding.  These are useful once the child knows the principle and just needs daily reinforcement.  Just click on the title above the photo for your download.

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Maths Number Value Cards

Maths Number Value Cards cut out the cards and laminate.

Maths Number Value Cards – the rest of the numbers

Math Number Value Application and exercises

Math Number Value  some more exercises

This manipulative is invaluable!  I use it often when working when introducing numbers, adding or subtracting numbers.  It makes perfect sense when we speak about count the ones, then the tens, now the hundreds and so on.

Math Bonds of 10 puzzle

Maths 10 Bonds Puzzle pieces

Maths 10 Bonds Instructions

Maths 10 Bonds Pocket

This is an excellent help! I make my youngster sit on the mat and quickly build the bonds puzzle, then come do some robots or amazing maths squares worksheets.

Maths Add Subtract 2 Wheels

Math Add & Subtract Wheel parts

Math Add & Subtract Wheels

Maths Division Wheels

Maths Division Wheels

(Print this 4 page download on 4 different coloured card stock pages.  Assemble the correct ‘division’ window to the correct cicle.  I printed these muddled so that your window colour will contrast with the wheel.)

Maths Multiply All 2 Circles

Maths Multiply All parts

Maths Multiply All assembled

Maths Multiplications Wheels

Maths Multiplication Wheels

With a few downloads, some printing and cutting and assembling, you’ll soon have a bag of tricks to help make maths practice fun!  I hope these help!


Mental Maths Practice ~ fun worksheets!

When a child practices mental maths – maths becomes quicker and simpler!

My girls look at their maths charts (Mini Office A5 Maths) too much, so I made some fun worksheets for practice. These worksheets reinforce adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with just a few minutes practice every day.

You can download these worksheets ~

Maths Rockets ~ for adding/ subtracting or multiplying numbers on the side to equal the number in the roof (great for bonds)

Maths Butterflies ~ 5 sums for each butterfly, so good for quick reviews

Maths Corners ~ 4 sums for each number, also a quick worksheet

Maths In&Out ~ top row of random numbers “in” to work with a number and operation, and write the answer as “out”

Maths Caterpillars ~ each caterpillar has random numbers or operations, from simple to complex

Maths Amazing Squares ~ brilliant for bonds to 10 ~ all rows add to 10, up, down  or sideways!

Maths Corners

Maths In & Out

Amazing Maths 10 Square

Maths Rockets

You can use these sheets as they are or ~

* cut out each section and let them do just one little fun exercise a day

* use a part of the page for pre-lesson reviews

* use the blanks pages to reinforce the numbers or operations you are working on

* focus on 1 operation or number exercise (all x 2 or +2 exercises)

* remedial work with number concepts or operations

With a little regular practice the number combinations or patterns start to “click”  ~ which is great for confidence and generates a positive maths attitude!

Let me know what you and your children think!