Minibook Master Template Download

Here are my favourite minibook templates all in 1 download.

To download your MS Word version ~ click here ~ Minibook Master Template MS Word

To download your pdf version ~ click here ~ Minibook Master Template pdf

Accordion minibooks

Flap minibooks

Cross, circle petal and arrow flap minibooks

Matchbook and pocket minibooks

Flap minibooks

Flag minibooks with brad, circle and pentagon petal minibook

Square petal minibook & triangle flap minibook

5 Tab Minibook

NEW! Step minibook

circle Accordion minibooks

Lapbook Planner Sheet

There are several ways you can use this download:

  • Print and use the minibooks:

Print it out on card stock. Use them as a template to draw and cut out on coloured paper. Store these folded and ready in ziplock bags (Check out Jimmie’s Collage – where I first saw this idea.)

Minibooks cut and ready

  • How to use this download to create your own lapbook:

Save the Minibook Master Template file on to your computer.  Open it and open a new Word document. Copy a suitable template from the Master Template and paste it on the new document.  Make it larger or smaller or rotate it.  I add a text box, paste it near the minibook and type my instructions or information in this.  Then I copy and paste clip art or pictures to suit my theme.  I add this information to my lapbook planner (on page 12) and add web site links, book page or chapter number.  As I develop the lapbook I consider different style minibooks for variety and for use, (eg.:a 4 Flaps Minibook or a 4 Tab Minibook for 4 pieces of information.)

  • Make a Lapbook Folder to store all the minibook templates:

When I started making minibooks, I needed to see the minibook in “real life” so I printed the templates and stuck them into a cardboard folder.  I grouped them in styles.  As I planned my lapbook, I browsed through my folder and chose the style minibook. I wrote this on my lapbook planner and then created the lapbook on the computer.  The girls still prefer to choose the minibook they want by browsing through this folder.

Examples in my folder page 1

More Examples page 2

Even more examples page 3

  • Here are the many helpful web sites, free downloads and templates I found: ~ excellent lists of EVERY template by divisions with hyperlinks  – all organized!

Squidoo Minibook Gallery ~Jimmie has created the most comprehensive gallery of photos and info on minibooks. ~simple, clear and classic photo layout with free downloads

Did you spot the newest, simplest minibook called a STEP MINIBOOK? Look on page 11 of the download and go on ~ try it! I found it at

Announcing ~ Freebie of the day

Every day is Freebie of the day on this blog ~ BUT …. has decided to feature my latest Freebie next week along with something free for each day from other companies!

I  love their freebies!  I’ve downloaded MP3 stories with accompanying colouring in pages, ebooks, videos, resources and delightful homeschool goodies ~ free!  They even send you a “Heads Up” email weekly to tell you what to expect in the new week!

So … what am I going to share this week on Freebieoftheday?  Here’s a sneaky preview ~

Lapbook planner and Impressionist minibooks

More Impressionist Minibooks and activity pages

Ok, so you guessed it ~ a brand new Famous Impressionist Artist Minibook & Lapbook bundle!

Please sign up for an email notification or put my RSS feed on your homepage! You’ll find this on my sidebar halfway down.  You don’t want to miss this!  There are lots more coming up in the next few months!

So join me here on Monday 8th February and download your Freebie!

New Ancient Egypt Lapbook & Activities

Hot off the press!  My new Ancient Egypt Lapbook is here! Here’s the download ~ Ancient Egypt Lapbook

3D Ancient Egypt lapbook

Pyramid-shaped lapbook folds flat to store with other Ancient Egypt work

This lapbook is created to become a 3D pyramid-shaped folder.  The 16-page download includes:

  • Lapbook planner ~ with answers and references & websites
  • minibooks ~ People, hieroglyphics, write your name in hieroglyphics, hieroglyphic message to decode, word search, Rosetta stone, making papyrus, Egyptian burial and Egyptian food
  • Biography page ~ King Tutankhamun
  • Pictures to colour & make into puzzles
  • Additional hands-on activities ~ making papyrus, baking bread in pots, a model of Egyptian home, ‘mummify’ a doll, make sarcophagus, making a water-clock and making a shaduf.

What about downloading some Ancient Egyptian Paper dolls and men to go with your Ancient Egypt studies? Pop over to my Paper Dolls page for the downloads.

Ancient Egypt Men    Paper Doll Ancient Egypt

Hope you and your children enjoy learning about Ancient Egypt!


New Sonlight Stone Age Lapbook and Hands On Activity Page

Free Ancient History mini books and practical hands-on activities for the Stone Age

Download your 5 page Stone Age lapbook project here ~Stone Age

  1. Coil pot shape fold mini book
  2. Stone tools trifold
  3. Cave home mini book
  4. Stone Age facts 5 flap mini book
  5. First clothes petal mini book
  6. Making fire accordion mini book
  1. Coil pottery – make clay pots
  2. Weave with cardboard loom – make a lovely mat for doll’s house
  3. Sewing fake fur clothes
  4. Make camp fire and cook meat
  5. Make shell/ wood/ cork necklaces

For more Sonlight World History pages click here ~ Free Sonlight World History

New Sonlight Archeology Lapbook and Hands On Activity Page

Free Ancient History mini books and practical hands-on activities for Archeology

Download your 5 page Archeology lapbook project here ~Archeology

  1. Layer book of archeological mound or “tell”
  2. Broken pottery puzzle
  3. Dinosaur puzzle
Hands on Activities Websites
  1. Tree ring counting
  2. Putting puzzle (broken pottery) pieces together
  3. Layer an ancient mound (mini layer book)
  4. Dinosaur Dig – fun group activity in sandbox
  5. Archeology Game break pottery and re-glue
  6. Make fossils & create guessing game by creating different imprints for amazing selection of games and activities!
Broken pottery puzzle

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A Mini-Lapbook

A small lapbook

A small lapbook

This was my first lapbook creation – with my own templates and layout!  We took a  normal cardboard folder and cut it in half across the width and it made 2 short shutter folded lapbooks.  We added an extra page which we pasted in the centre.  We closed the file with brads and a pink piece of wool that wrapped around the brad.

We spent about a week doing a study on Tudor times.  The girls completed the minibooks fairly quickly. Their finished lapbooks were a delight and they rushed to show anyone who visited!

This small lapbook version is far less daunting to the children (and me!) and we use it when the theme and information presented is larger than a notebook page can contain, but shorter than the conventional lapbook projects.

How to file your lapbook

How to file your lapbook

As you can see in the photo, I’ve attached duct tape to the side, folded it to make a tab and attached the duct tape to the back of the file.  Then I just punched the duct tape and – neat – it fits into the lapbook section of our work files!

So, if you want to start small, cut your folder in half and give this size a try!