Character Bible Study Pages

It is one thing to know Bible stories,

but it is more important to


these lessons

to our characters and lives.

Bible Study 2

After covering most of the Old Testament and many New Testament stories using Picture This! Bible Draw program the past 2 years, I wanted something more specific, personal,  and applicable.

“All scripture is God-breathed

and is useful for teaching,

rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,

so that the man (child) of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

2 Timothy  3:15-17


I wanted to focus on training in character,

and on these 10 characteristics ~











Being a Good Steward

Erika’s Character Bible study freebies at  Confessions of a Homeschooler were the answer to my prayers.

She prepared these lesson to accompany their Bible study using the book For Instruction in Righteousness by Pam Foster. 

Even though I don’t have this book, Erika’s detailed notes focus on each character trait with Bible stories, Bible verses, discussion starters, real-life activities and family challenges.

She explains:

“This character study is designed to illustrate this character trait using verses, stories, consequences of sin and blessings of obedience found though out the Bible.

Each day you will learn a verse, read a story where this sin is illustrated, then discuss the consequences of this sin followed up by the blessings of obedience.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed these lessons.

We focus on one theme over 4 days, covering it in 4 different Bible stories, and discuss the Bible character’s choices and their consequences.  I use Erika’s discussion points and many of her suggested family challenges that suit our children and their ages.

We  pray for the Lord to work in our characters very personally and specifically at the end each lesson.

My kids love to illustrate while I read, and so I created these basic notebook pages with place to write the main memory verse or scriptures and blank space for drawings.

You may download your free Bible Study Pages ~

Character Bible Study Notebook Pages


Memory Verse Cards for Victory, Prayer & Purity

The Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System works.

It is simple:

We read, recite and discuss the week’s memory verse.

Then we review the odd or even day’s verse.

Next we review the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday verse.

And finally we review the date’s verse.

That is 4 scriptures a day.

Every day.

We keep our box on the dinning room table and we “eat our daily bread” daily.

We started with salvation scriptures and faith-building verses.

Now I created these cards ~

Here is your free download ~ Memory Verse Cards ~ Victory Prayer Purity

  • It includes 7 Memory Tips
  • 12 Victory verses
  • 10 Prayer verses
  • 8 Purity verses
  • Ready to cut and place in your memory system

You are welcome to go to my Bible Pages for the other downloads.


The Book of James Lapbook

I’m so excited! 

I created a brand new lapbook for our Bible Study ~

The Book Of


  • This lapbook is based entirely on scriptures using the Modern King James Version.
  • These minibooks cover about 90% of the Book of James.
  • The complete download consists of 14 pages with about 34 minibooks, a cover page and other references and notes. For quicker download times I have split this lapbook into 4 smaller files. 🙂
  • Some minibooks have place for personal notes, study, application or activity, but they all can stand alone for memory verses.
  • I created the lapbook for middle-school ages, but it is really suitable for high schoolers and even adults.
  • Because we love to combine our minibooks and notebook pages, I created a basic notebook page for the Book of James. The notebook page has lines for copywork and for personal application. There is an open space for pasting minibooks or illustrations.  I let my children choose which verse they want to copy and write about, and they enjoy the freedom to lay out  and paste their minibooks as they wish.  Here is my 9-year-old’s page:

Here are your downloads:

Some extras on-line:

  • A wonderful James Bible Study handout with the complete text of James and questions with spaces for your write your notes at
  • An online Bible study for children with basic scriptures, corresponding Bible verses, simple principles and some activities at Children’s Bible

I trust you enjoy this download.  Please feel free to share your lapbook and notebook pages with us!


Memorizing Scripture the Simply Charlotte Mason Way

I love that one can keep learning,


going deeper

and further with Charlotte Mason …

I’m a slow starter on this – I saw the Scripture Memory System at Simply Charlotte Mason a couple of years ago but shelved the idea because I felt we were covering enough scripture through songs and memory verses.  Scripture memory system

But this year it seemed we were not nailing our memory verses, nor refreshing the verses we knew often enough to keep it fresh in our minds and hearts.

It was time to get organized!

And Simply Charlotte Mason has done it all for us!  And it is truly simple!

This is what I did:

  1. Read Simply Charlotte Mason how the system works.
  2. Download the tab divider file and cut them out.  (You’ll find the tab pdf. at the bottom of the SCM post)
  3. SCM has a suggested verse list.  I just copied the list with its subject headings to a Word page.
  4. Select those verses I wanted to start with.  I wanted to focus on salvation scriptures so that my children grow in the truth about their faith.
  5. Here’s the only part I created: Using E-Sword, I copied and pasted the SCM suggested verses in NKJ version on a Word chart.
  6. Print these scripture cards out.  Here’s a free download:   Verse Cards – Salvation and Verse Cards – Christian Living
  7. Put the first card in place and start at breakfast that week.

Already, we have learned cards daily for 3 weeks and my older young adult stepson and eldest daughter are learning along with us each day.

I love that my hubby, who knows so much Word, shares and explains and expounds on new verses. It has become a family habit.  Our daily bread.

I noted that one SCM parent commented that she put hymns in her system too.  Another good idea!

I’m so grateful for the system and its simplicity and if you have middle-school-aged children, I really encourage you to put scripture memory in practice.

Many of us have joined Ann Voskamp in memorizing Colossians this year. She has a neat little booklet with each week’s verse typed out.  I have found this personally inspiring and challenging, but I’m so grateful for the large chunks of scripture already put to memory.

Blessings as you write God’s Word in your heart,

Esther Play for Purim

This month is Purim,

a Jewish festival based on the Old Testament book of Esther.

Children dress up and act out Esther plays, celebrate and give gifts.

A few years ago, to celebrate,  we created a full-length puppet show based on the book of Esther.

We created simple hand puppets to make King Xerxes, Esther, her faithful uncle Mordecai and evil Haman.  A servant or two completed our cast.

King Xerxes and Queen Esther

Evil Haman & Queen Vashti

Servants or ordinary men

We painted two backdrops – a palace scene and an Middle Eastern gateway.

Palace Backdrop

Gateway on our white board (We flipped the Palace backdrop picture over the top of the whiteboard)

My children insisted on making  real props, so we made a shoe box into a banquet table and made baker’s clay food which we glued on to a platter, wine jugs and goblets, and some candle sticks.  We baked them and then painted them when they were hard.  They also created a scroll for the law and a gallows with some kebab sticks and string.

Bakers clay props

We hung our backdrops together on a large white board on its stand.  All the puppeteers sat on low chairs behind an easel/ a large box/ or couch.  To change the backdrop, we simply lifted the painting over the top to show the next painting beneath.  We placed the props on a tray in front of the puppets.

We wrote our play in rhyming couplets.  I narrated most the play, but an older child can narrate easily, while the characters acted a few lines.  We read through the play and discussed and chose the characters.  Then we began to learn the script.

Here is an excerpt from the play:


Long, long ago in Media and Persia
Ruled King Xerxes in the city of Susa
For 180 days he held a ball
To show his power and wealth to all.

Xerxes called,

King Xerxes: ( ‘speaks’ to the servant)

“Tell Queen Vashti to come
And tell her wear her royal gown and crown!”

(Servant goes to Queen Vashti and ‘talks’)

She refused and said,

Queen Vashti:

“Oh No!
Tell king Xerxes I will not go!”


This made Xerxes really mad,


“A wife should always make her husband glad!”

Children practiced working their puppets to create life-like actions.  They worked in front of a mirror to see how to make their puppets move.  The most important technique they must learn to face the head of the puppets down so that the audience sitting on the floor can see the faces.  They need to learn to use their fingers to make the arms move realistically and handle the props.

They found it challenging to project their voices, remember their lines and keep their puppets “alive”.  We practiced several times each day for over a week.  We performed our play twice for audiences.  Young children are excellent audiences, laughing and shouting “Boo!” at Haman.

We used Jewish orchestral music for the introduction.

This puppet show works very well as a real play, but I have found that shy children prefer to act via a puppet because they are ‘hidden’ from view.

This year I would like to share it with you.

Here is your free download: 

Esther Play


A New Free Page ~ Bible Pages

Sun Bible!

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

I have just created a new Free Page

with all the free Bible downloads

and their links to the original posts.

I will add new pages here as I create them!

Blessings this weekend,

Salvation Minibook

My children have given their hearts to Jesus, but …

Can my children tell others of their faith?

Can they express their salvation in a clear, meaningful way?

Do they know scriptures to defend their salvation?

I created this little Salvation Minibook for our devotions this week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I based it on the “4 Spiritual Laws” and I included some 3D paper art on the minibook.

My youngest enjoyed cutting and pasting all the parts on her minibook.  She asked me to help her fold the one-page-minibook which I explained here and showed a her some photos here.

She read and memorized a few scriptures and told me her favourite one was:

Jesus says,

“I stand at the door and knock.

Whoever hears my voice

and opens the door,

I will dine with him

and him with me.”

Rev 3:20

Here is the free download ~ Salvation Minibook.


Hymn Study Schedule for 2011

An early printing of Luther's hymn A Mighty Fo...

Image via Wikipedia

As I shared before in

Confessions ~ I didn’t do it all,

I didn’t do it all.

The other plan that just didn’t happen in 2010

at all …

all year …


Hymn Study

Charlotte Mason
Image via Wikipedia

Charlotte Mason suggests that,  just as you would do a monthly Artist and Composer study, children should study a hymn each month.

She said that children should~

“form the habit of listening to and reading the scriptures – the actual scriptures.  Children should be in the habit of praising God.  Sing hymns. ”  (Vol 2, pg. 142)

To start

I went to Simply Charlotte Mason and copied their Hymn Study Schedule.

I have some hymns on CDs here at home.  I believe in using what I have, so I highlighted all the hymns on the schedule that I have on my CDs.  I had 12!  That’s one hymn for each month!  (I prefer our recordings to the midi files and MP3 files online, but there are excellent YouTube videos of several hymns that you could download if you don’t have your own CDs.)


I created a Hymn Study Schedule for 2011 (the download is at the end of this post) and linked to websites that have midi files or mp3 files, background information on the authors and composers and the songs words.

I downloaded 27 pages of  FREE –Hymn Study Notebooking Pages that Jimmie created at  Jimmie’s Collage.  Jimmie gives some great ideas for hymn study.  Besides blank copywork pages, there are pages for vocabulary you find in hymns, Bible verses you find in hymns, and the meaning and etymology of the word hymn.

I highly recommend Jimmie’s Hymn Study Squidoo Lens.  Here you’ll find stacks of Hymn Study ideas, activities, CDs & book titles, other web sites and links for free hymn study downloads.

Dana at Epi Kardia shares how her family does their Hymn Study. They ~

Sheet music for the hymn

Image via Wikipedia

  1. Discuss the hymn.
  2. Discuss the author.
  3. Sing the hymn every day for a month.
  4. Additional options:
  • Assign one stanza along each week as copy work.
  • Assign one stanza each week as memorization to be recited.
  • Ask your older student to research the author and write 3-5 paragraphs about their lives and work
  • Request that your older student find Scripture pertaining to other phrases in this work mentioned above (Born of His Spirit, Washed in His blood, etc.)
  • Have your student write out this hymn in his own words.
  • After studying this hymn, have your student create her own hymn.
  • Assign your student to find a passage of Scripture and compose a melody to accompany it.


I printed out the words of each hymn (free download at the end of the post) for the girls to learn the hymns and for copywork lessons.

In order to ensure that we do our hymn study, I have purposed in my heart to keep it really simple to start.  (I tend to jump in and crush their joy with over-zealous enthusiasm!)

Gotteslob — German Catholic hymnal

Image via Wikipedia

I pray that as we sing the hymn daily during the month,

I may gently include a little extra study each week on the hymn.

It may be some copywork.

Or perhaps memorization.

Maybe they will write a short biography of the author or composer.

But I know that I will NOT do it all.


I want to gently urge my children to appreciate these hymns,

to understand them,

to recognise them,

and maybe remember some verses.

Perhaps they may even sing them.

The bonus would be some narrations on their notebook pages,

or beautiful handwritten copywork

or biography pages.

Here are some more Hymn Study Websites:

Here are my Free Downloads:

Blessings as you worship Him,

Christmas Blessings To You

May you all be blessed during this festive season;

in these days of anticipation,

celebrating His coming,

rejoicing in God’s Promise and Redeemer come to earth.

I am finishing off some gifts we have made,

Wrapping and packing.

We will spend time away with family.

Until early 2011,

Be Blessed,

Jesus’ Names Paper Chain

In our Jesse Tree Advent devotions, we came to Isaiah 9:2, 6&7. Here the Lord Jesus names are declared ~

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

We took a tangent and adapted an Advent Names of Jesus Christmas Tree Decorations.  Because we did not want a “traditional Christmas tree ” decorations this year, I made paper name strips and included all the other names of Jesus.

For an excellent Advent Bible study on Jesus’ names, pop over to where Karen Caroe shares her Names of Jesus download.

We didn’t do this full Bible study, but took turns taking the strips and reading Jesus’ names aloud.  We then stapled the strips to form a lovely paper chain and draped it over our Jesse Tree.

You are welcome to download the Names of Jesus Paper strips.

There are 2 version in the download;

  • full coloured strips (on pages 1-5),
  • or a black and white outline version (on page 6-9) which we printed on some coloured paper and coloured the writing with gold pen.

Click the title below ~

Names of Jesus Strips

For more Bible Crafts pop over to Bible Story


Some of you have had problems with your Free Jesse Tree Download.  There is NO direct link to the download.  If you click on the Free Jesse Tree Advent download page,  you will go to Ann’s Jesse Tree Christmas Advent page at Holy Experience.   At the bottom of this page, in a blue box, she asks you to subscribe to her and she will send you emails of her posts. When you receive her email, go to the bottom of the email where she provides the download link. (I hope this helps.)

Many Blessings as we wait,