New Paper Dolls ~ Fashions through the Past Eras

As their creativity flowed, we decided to make clothes from different eras.

Based on fashions seen in classic movies like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice they created the fashions used in the 1800’s. They loved Little Women and used those dress styles from 1865. My Fair Lady inspired clothes from the Edwardian eras of 1900’s. The classic movie of Romeo and Juliet gave inspiration to the fashions of the Medieval era. Amadeus inspired the French fashions. One of the girls loved Hair Spray of the 1960’s and made a page of these fashions!

Here is the 10 page pdf. download ~ Paper Dolls & clothes As you will have seen in the earlier paper doll post, the girls colour in, then cut out the clothes and accessories before we laminate the pieces. They use prestick to paste each article on the dolls. (You may want to add shoulder tabs as the vintage paper dolls have instead.)

Paper Dolls ~ something spontaneously creative!

Today my girls made these gorgeous paper dolls.

After all the drawing, colouring and cutting we decided to laminate the lot. Each doll with all her hairstyles, outfits and accessories fit onto one page which my girls have graciously agreed to share here ~ PaperDolls. They stick the pieces onto the doll with prestick. (I just love the laminater – it really makes things last so much longer and prevents tearing when they remove articles or accessories.)

Paper Dolls

Here are our collection of paper dolls and paper men that my daughters and I have created for our World History studies, Social Studies, Unit Studies, as well as for re-enacting Shakespeare plays, our favourite passages from classical stories, novels, plays, and movies. You may freely download these pages for your own personal use. I … Continue reading Paper Dolls