Footprints Nature Quest Livestream

Wendy and Shirley, two veteran homeschool moms and authors of the amazing South African Footprints curriculums, are unveiling their latest curriculum bundle called Footprints Nature Quest.

They will be hosting a FREE livestream on Monday 28th February at 7:30pm and will record the session if you cannot make this time. Here are 3 reasons for you to attend the livestream:
1. It’s FREE!
2. You can ask real time questions
3. Because it’s fun!

Booking link for your free ticket at Quicket.

Here’s a peek at Footprints Nature Quest

This new Footprints Nature Quest is a literature-based unit study aimed at children between the ages of 8-14 years that covers South Africa’s various natural biomes, Geography and Natural Sciences, focusing on the unique flora, fauna and other natural features of each distinct area. As with all the other Footprints curriculums, Wendy and Shirley provide a collection of great stories, prompts for rich conversations, purposeful work and an atmosphere of joy and delight that leads to a love of learning. 

They have collected a wonderful selection of “living books” that brings subjects to life through stories, biographies or autobiographies. These authors share their knowledge and passionate insights from their experiences, as well as descriptions of this beautiful country and her natural inhabitants.

The Footprints Nature Quest curriculum guide is written in a gentle conversational style and provides useful background information and researched facts about the complexity of each biome, as well as other enriching resources, lists of movies and documentaries suited to the topics. The curriculum guide provides a wide variety of meaningful assignments such as mapwork, writing assignments, practical activities and hands-on activities that will enrich your children’s learning and experiences. They suggest relevant outings, trips and holidays for family explorations for each regions. 

Wendy and Shirley credit the team effort who assisted in their development of this new Nature Quest – Shirley’s son has given valuable feedback from a child’s perspective about which of the many living books gripped him most. Wendy’s daughter Sarah created the beautiful graphic designs and layout, while @se7en_hoods, mom to eight children, gave valuable input to make it super homeschool mom friendly and @nadeneesterhuizen (that’s me) added suggested thoughts and ideas for content and fun assignments.

You can read more about Footprints Nature Quest here: 

Book your ticket for this livestream soon as there are limited seats available. See you there!

Blessings, Nadene

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