Christmas Greetings

Our family spent a precious pre-Christmas week together and I am so grateful for them and the love we all share. As this Christmas approaches and the year draws to a close, my hubby and I will travel to help care for his ailing father. I want to express my love and gratitude to you, my readers, for all your support and encouragement this past year.

May the blessing of joy abide within you;
May the blessing of peace rest upon you;
May the blessing of love flow out through you;
May all the blessings of the Lord be yours
at Christmas and in the new year.
~ Author Unknown

May you have the gift of Faith, the blessing of Hope, and the Peace of God’s love this Christmas, and may the Love of the Lord fill you with His Grace, Strength, and Peace as your treasures in the New Year.

Stay safe. Health and happiness to you.



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