San Bushmen House & Village 3D Model

I am happy to share my paper model of a traditional San Bushman House and Village.

Colouring-in, cutting out and creating these paper models are excellent hands-on activities that fit perfectly with Footprints in our Land, our South African literature-based Social Studies curriculum.

You can view other traditional African houses in this series Zulu House & Village, the Xhosa House & Village which .

The San, also known as Bushmen, are the oldest native tribe that live in the vast Kalahari Desert regions of South West Africa. They lived in southern Africa long before European settlers and other Bantu tribes arrived. They are nomadic hunter-gatherers, and they set up temporary camps as a family-based society.

The 3D model of a San Bushman grass hut and the Kalahari Desert camp is a 6-page purchase package download that includes both black & white outline illustrations as well as coloured-in pages. The background is a 1-page triorama which forms a triangle/ pyramid-shaped folded. These illustrations include clear assembly instructions and some extra cultural details. I included some additional basic historical background information as well as Internet reference links. 

This grass hut template may look complex, but I have designed it so that most middle-school-aged children should manage to assemble the hut on their own.

These South African house and village downloads are purchase packages and I really appreciate your support, but I would love to share a freebie with you. Each house comes with a triorama background. A triorama forms a wonderful 3D pyramid shape with a base. It requires just 2 folds and a snip to make, so it’s very simple, but looks dramatic!

Please pop over to my Packages page to order your download. Thank you for your support.

Blessings, Nadene

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