New to Homeschooling?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many families have been doing school-at-home.  And with lifestyle changes, many families are now deciding to homeschool their children rather than send them back to school.  So there are many parents just starting out and most feel very insecure.  May I encourage you not to rush, but to spend a little more time looking at your options with a little wider perspective?

I wrote a post Starting but overwhelmed by choice and I would love to remind parents ~

“Take a deep breath …. let it out slowly … and relax.  This process is like planning a wonderful overseas journey with your entire family, and your planning may take weeks or months to refine and finalize before you leap on to the plane and take off!

Here are a few extracts ~

  • Pray and wait on the Lord to show you what His vision is for you, your family and your child.
  • Visit other homeschooling families to see what they are using.
  • Read good homeschooling books.
  • Research the Internet to look at different approaches, learning and teaching styles, costs, times and schedules
  • Follow your heart and be led by peace. 
  • Consider your own teaching and parenting styles.
  • Please don’t buy expensive “bells-and-whistles” boxed curriculum for each child.  Find something simple that all your kids can enjoy together and ease into your formal schooling gently.
  • This is a journey and will change and evolve.  Nothing is cast in stone.

In another post Starting School Those First Days I shared these tips ~

  • Just start slowly.
  • Don’t try to do the complete schedule or every subject.
  • Go gently and ease into your schooling.

And lastly, in a post Routine versus Schedule, I shared the difference between schedule  versus routine ~

schedule tells you what to do and when to do it.  It is usually filled with times, lists, blocks, and boxes to tick off.

routine is a pattern by which you live. It gives structure and order to your day, but it doesn’t dictate exactly when things should be done. It allows you to find a flow that works for you on the day you happen to be living.

  1. Decide what is really important for you and your family.
  2. Find the time-flow for your family.  Are you early risers or slow-mornings kind of people? Build your rhythm around what you will more naturally manage.
  3. Identify your important daily events which form pillars such as chores, meals, exercise, sport, family time.
  4. Create habits and build them around important daily events mentioned above.
  5. Be flexible. If your routine isn’t clicking and something feels off, adapt or change it.
  6. Offer options and extras such as different Themes for each day.
  7. Add freedom and create space for your children to explore their gifts, passions, interests and talents.

This journey is going to be amazing!  Even if you have a “flat tire” or “delayed flight” along the way, relax, it is going to be the most wonderful adventure!

Sending you warm and reassuring hugs and my prayers for the Lord’s peace and grace to you in this new season of your lives!

 Blessings, Nadene
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7 thoughts on “New to Homeschooling?

  1. I believe homeschooling should be an enjoyment not a horror. This post you provide for homeschooling parents is perfect! This will really inspire parents to get the ball rolli.


    • So right, @Kamile, homeschooling should be a joy! It is a real adventure journey, with some unexpected twists and scenic stops along the way, but it is a wonderful way to grow and learn with your family.


  2. Hello. It’s been a while, yet again I am finding encouragement in your posts. I feel like I have said similar things to others new to homeschooling families. *smile* Our son is in 12th grade and we are learning about GPA and the four point grading scale and how everything “comes out in the wash” when it comes to the grading scale and what colleges look at. It’s incredible, the whole system…oh, if you lived in the same area as me and to have a spot of tea together just to share our experiences and to show you my smile as well as see yours in person. *smile* So, you have encouraged me along this home school journey as the mess of arts and crafts has been a hard thing for me, you kept me doing them because it’s good for learning at all ages and stages in life. Thank you! Thank you for staying in here and sharing your experiences and encouragement. I really appreciate the time you put in both in your life with your family that you’ve shared over the years as well as in your blogging your home school helps. *smile* Have a great day growing in the ways of the Lord. Remember to pray always. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


    • Hello @Blessings! so lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your kind words. It would be lovely to have real tea together, wouldn’t it?
      Wishing you and your son every blessing and much wisdom and grace for his Grade 12 requirements! Sending love and my prayers!


  3. Thank you for this Nadene. I have sent this to lots of friends who are starting the homeschool journey and it’s just so helpful to have all my thought already put down. Blessings


    • @Desiree Maartens, thank you for sharing my post with your friends! It is such a daunting process to take the leap into homeschooling and I remember my fears and anxieties at that time too! Blessings.


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