Homeschool Beginnings Part IV

This post concludes the series of Homeschool Beginnings. (You can catch up any of the missed posts here – Part I, Part II and Part III.)

I would say that I instinctively began homeschooling when I joined with two moms from our church group to meet once a week for a play date.  We met just to let our children play together, but we were all teachers (one mom was a high school Zulu and Maths teacher, the other mom was a music and choir teacher, and I was an English, Physical Education, and  Art teacher), and so things began to take shape.   Little did we even realize that we would start homeschooling!  

It began so gradually that we didn’t even think of “schooling” but rather playing while focusing on a theme and some fun learning activities.   We creatively brainstormed ideas while our kiddies played. We decided to work through the alphabet, and our play date included a Bible story, a song, a craft and a physical activity with the letter of the alphabet.

So we started with “A” is for Angels … and Apples … and Adam and Eve … We made paper plate angels, read about Jacob’s angels on a stairway to heaven and arranged angels from biggest to smallest … We climbed the jungle gym ladders, hopped and jumped on a ladder lying on the ground.  We ate apples, made apple pie, cooked stewed apples, etc. We sang angel songs and learned the word for apple in Afrikaans, Zulu, Hebrew, etc.   (You get the idea?)

Our kiddies wanted to do the same story and song every . single . week . and so we realized that repetition is natural and necessary.  We simply flowed with our children’s natural delight and interest and only added a new concept or skill to keep things growing and moving along once the previous learning moment had passed.  In a whole year, we only got to “G”!

We also went on outings and picnics, created plays, held parties, and enjoyed family get-togethers.  These early years of homeschooling continued as our families grew and until the oldest children were ready for Grade 1.

These were precious years and our friendships were deep and lasting.

And so, that is my story of how I journeyed into homeschooling.  Although I never imagined I would homeschool my kids, it was the Lord’s design and plan for our family all along.

How did your journey into homeschooling begin?  Please share your story with us in the comments below.

Blessings, Nadene

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6 thoughts on “Homeschool Beginnings Part IV

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  3. Mine started, without me realising, in Grade 1. The teacher called me in with great concern because Max was staring out the window asking how the bell worked instead of doing his language worksheet. I knew Ritilin was coming. I started researching how people learn and found such amazing ways, articles and this little thing called homeschooling. A few years later and we were in the teachers office every month, eventually I was told that if we don’t put him on Ritilin then they cannot teach him.

    So I told them fine I will do the educating. One and half years later I am still learning about his way of learning and have pretty much concluded that Charlotte Mason is the way. The funny part is when I first heard about it I thought there is no way that Max will like this he doesn’t even like reading. However, in the 2nd term of this year I decided to focus on reading and spent the entire term just reading. Yup, Charlotte Mason was right.

    The time you get to spend with your children and bond is wonderful and the more effort you put in to find their way the more you get out of it. But the best part is sitting on the couch reading and discovering a whole lot of things together.


    • What an amazing and encouraging testimony, @thebridalshopkzn! I am thrilled that you followed your heart and found the blessings in your journey in educating your son. Wishing you every joy and much wisdom, grace, peace and strength on your homeschooling journey!


  4. I love reading stories like this. I never intended to homeschool either. I was set on my son attending a language immersion private school. But when my husband and I attended open houses, we were stunned by the prices. So I homeschooled while I searched for a school that was going to be the perfect fit. Then my husband and I attended an education conference and attend a workshop on homeschooling. My oldest was 4 years old (now 17) at the time. We were both sold. So much has happened. I lost my husband in 2013, but by the grace of God I am still homeschooling. My oldest in dual-enrolled in college and high school and my “baby” is 11 years old and has a unique learning style. This was God’s plans for us. I am so grateful for this journey.


    • @Nahzia, I so appreciate you sharing your story with us. Life is full of changes and uncertain outcomes that require our faith and much grace and growing. I loved browsing your blog! What an amazing resource you have created for African homeschoolers! Wishing you every blessing as you continue your journey raising and educating your sons.


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