Lost Inspiration

I love sketching and creating a weekly entry in my nature journal, but I haven’t touched my art supplies for over 2 months.  I wondered if I had lost my creative inspiration. How had that happened?

As I pondered the reason for my lack of art, these changes came to mind ….

Feeding our bull and weaned calves

We live on a remote mountain farm in a semi-arid area called the Klein Karoo, and have been in the grip of the worst drought in living memory. We have had to supplement feed our cattle completely since March this year and it is a labour-intensive affair. Our whole family have all pulled on our boots and climbed in the Landy to help my hubby every day and especially on the weekends when our worker takes his weekend off. It would seem natural that I would not sit happily sketching and painting in my free time, especially when there is hard, physical work to be done.

My herb and vegetable garden earlier this winter …

The drought affected my gardening and I could barely manage keep my veggie garden going through the winter. My pretty rose garden withered and died back. Full-grown trees died, and about 4 other trees blew over in a terrible wind storm. I was definitely not inspired on my nature walks when I went outside.

I recently decided to re-landscape the rose bed and I transplanted several rose bushes in a smaller cluster while they were in their winter dormancy.  I also transplanted several plants dying in other neglected garden areas to this focused garden bed. I hope to carefully water this smaller area and keep them alive.  I suppose I could have journalled these changes in my nature journal, but I was simply too tired.

Off to prune pomegranate trees

With our livestock farming under stress, we decided to make full use of a neighbouring farmer’s offer to prune his pomegranate orchards and use the cuttings to create our own pomegranate plants. We spent the last week pruning, cutting slips and planting over 5000 plants. Back-breaking and hand-cramping days.

At the end of April, my 17-year-old daughter graduated homeschool and she is transitioning through her options for the rest of this year.  This is a difficult phase to navigate.  On one hand, we recognize that she has been very isolated and protected, while on the other, she has worked very independently as a homeschooler.  Even so, we as parents have struggled to let her go even though we know that this is exactly what she needs and wants to do.  I suppose this phase has been tough for me emotionally.

We all go through seasons. This has been a physically hard and barren season, which has literally dried up my time and energy, which in turn, dried up my art and creativity.

Snow on our mountains!

Thankfully, just in this past week, miraculous rain and snow has fallen, and the drought seems to have almost broken. While it will take months for the fields and grass to recover, and we will still have to supplement feed our livestock, there is hope in the air and in our hearts.

It seems that my art and creativity are linked to regular watering of my spirit and soul. Perhaps my sketching and painting will bud and fruit sometime soon again ….

The Lord is faithful to keep us, even in dry and weary times.

What inspires your art and creativity?

Wishing you every blessing in whatever season you are in, Nadene

9 thoughts on “Lost Inspiration

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  2. I don’t have a lot of wisdom on this subject, but I just wanted you to know that this post encouraged me in the midst of my current circumstances. Thanks for sharing.


  3. We all go thru these seasons. Right now, I’m right there with you – I’ve enrolled my senior girl in college classes (dual enrollment) for the last school year, and am transitioning with that, along with her having just taken driver’s ed (and being on the road with me, behind the wheel). More, the college is a 2hr round trip, which will eat into our days. Makes a mama frazzly, doesn’t it? ((((hugs!))))

    Blogging is a great way to talk through things, though. And we’re right here, with you.


    • @annamatrix Thank you for sharing your experiences with your senior daughter. I have found that the final high school year is often fraught with real stresses such as facing final exams, dealing with deadlines, deciding on career and further study choices. Helping young adults through some tough life skills such as job interviews, creating a CV, learning to drive are also very stressful. I admit that this phase is much more challenging than dealing with toddlers! Give me an inquisitive, busy little two-year old any day!
      Wishing you much strength and grace as you faithfully support your child through this important phase in her life.

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  4. I’m so sorry for what you’ve been going through. May God continue to send rain! I lost my writing inspiration during a devastating divorce where my 20-year husband left me for another woman. Thankfully, it’s coming back slowly as my heart heals with God’s love.


    • @kathleenbee I am sorry for the hurt and pain you have endured, and I trust the Lord’s full restoration will heal and revive every area of your life.
      We have embraced this drought as a season from the Lord and trusted Him to keep us through it all, and He has been so faithful and so near to us. Somehow suffering brings our faith through a furnace and refines and purifies us, and He forms His character in us. It is never easy, but it is good.


  5. Your posts are so encouraging. I pray you may be rejuvenated and your land also. Thank you for your blessings and the way you water others with your thoughts, honesty and creativity. God bless


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