Sketching Changes

img_20160803_130753383Any of you who have followed my blog for some time will know that for years and years my children and I have participated in Barb‘s Sketch Tuesday.  Almost every week I shared our sketches and created a wonderful portfolio of our work.  But over the past year, as my children grew up and became more independent teenagers, they no longer wanted to take part.

This was because they had become increasingly productive, independent artists.  Almost every single day they sketch, doodle, paint or create!  They have filled tons of books, pages and journals with amazing art and creativity.  In fact, their requests for any gift is usually sketchbooks, watercolor paper and art supplies.

They. are. artists. 

Last year I finally opened an Instagram account to share my art, doodles, homesteading and knitting and other creative activities that I enjoy.  I discovered Charlie O’Shield’s and joined his monthly doodle challenges.  In fact, much to my surprise, a month or so later, I was Doodlewashed!

And so, for sometime, we haven’t taken part in Sketch Tuesday.  However, after reading Barb’s post Harmony Art Mom – Creative Month January, I decided to once again make Sketch Tuesday a regular part of my Mother Culture’s creative goals.

20150831_144954I share this post because Sketch Tuesday seems like a very innocent activity, but it yield enormous rewards!  I wrote about the advantages of regularly sketching, but I never imagined that it would produce such an incredible, lasting gift of creativity in all of our lives.

Do not despise any small beginnings.

Make space and time in your and your children’s lives for art, not for any end result, but for the simple joy of creativity. Join your children and sketch together with them.  It is intimate, relaxing and soothing.  It will recharge you as a mom.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you join Sketch Tuesday.

Creatively yours, Nadene

11 thoughts on “Sketching Changes

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  3. This is fantastic Nadene! I am glad to see you will be doing this again. I don’t draw nor sketch well, and that probably because I don’t do it often, but your sketch Tuesdays always remind me to keep time for drawing in our days or weeks here. Sometimes I forget this in lue of reading so thank you for doing it again. And I popped over to the other site and it looks neat, thank you for sharing it with all of us. Have a great day! Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


      • Yes, I tend to have different crafts going on in our home like embroidery, sewing, baking, or scrap booking. I am very critical of my art work though so drawing I need to “be in the mood” to do so I don’t nit pick it. *smile* I am checking out doodlewash now and have put it in my list of blogs so I can find it easily. I like the look of water colors. *smile* Thanks, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  4. My daughter just entered Sketch Tuesday for the first time in months this week. We’ve also both started working on water painting, but this last week, both our projects were a disaster. I’m so thrilled to find this Doodlewash. It looks great. Congrats on having your art chosen by him!


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