Shifts and Changes

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year, my dear readers, and praying much grace to each of you as you enter into all that this year holds for you and your family.
It has been some time since I last posted homeschool news here at Practical Pages, and I really appreciate the kind, loving concern expressed by some of you.  We all well and trusting the Lord as we start 2017.  But there is a reason why I didn’t post much …

But about 6 months ago, I sensed some shifts and changes in our homeschooling.  And, in all honesty, I could not quite put into words what I was experiencing.   I found myself sitting alone in our homeschool study while my teens were doing their own schooling.   Somehow it felt so right and I humbly agreed to hand over more choices and decisions to my teens.

And it didn’t all work out perfectly. 

My confidence floundered as my 17-year-old approached the end of the year without completing any of her end of year exams as planned. She is using an online course and I could not assist her, nor figure out why she was not progressing as she should.  It even led to a crisis with my hubby who felt that I had “dropped the ball” in her education.  I shed many tears in frustration and a sense of failure.  Sigh.  Then I breathed deeply … prayed and trusted … and I hope that she will complete her course by May this year.

I sadly let go of reading aloud with my 14-year-old as she withdrew into her own space and pace.  I felt her resistance to my more hands-on approach and I had to form a new relationship where she could be accountable and I could regularly check her work and progress.

There has not much to show of all these shifts and changes on this blog … no pretty new free pages, no new free downloads nor wonderful words of encouragement …  and I have even pondered the future of Practical Pages.  Bear with me as I adjust my focus and find my new purpose and vision.

So as I enter into 2017, and as I gain some clarity and insight, I would like to share a series of high school homeschool encouragement that I need myself …

Until next time, bless you all.

23 thoughts on “Shifts and Changes

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  3. Thanks for being honest. My son is 17 and we are 5 months shy of his getting his wings into adulthood. We are struggling too…. I found you and your Practical Pages a long long time ago with the art of Starry Night…AMAZING! Anyways, life goes on for all of us and our children grow up but if I may suggest please leave your wonderful pages out in the world….for new parents and new children to learn and enjoy as homeschooling is only growing and they will need the best of the best! Best of luck…


    • @Vickie, Thanks for sharing and for your kind words of encouragement. I am so glad that my blog has provided encouragement and inspiration to parents for so long! It is an honor and privilege to share with others. I am currently praying how to convey my recent experiences, being so uncertain …
      I did not to mean to shut down the blog. If anything, it will remain as an ongoing resource for homeschoolers everywhere.


  4. Across these many miles I am right there with you, Nadene. You have been such a lovely, wise, gracious friend to me through your amazing website. Though I am one of the quiet ones, please know that you and your family will remain in my heart and in my prayers.


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  6. Just yesterday I shared one of your pages from November, 2015. I have a hard time deleting any of your pages from my inbox. Please stick with your blog as it blesses us. I’m on my second round of homeschooling (now with grandchildren). When you’re in the mire, it’s hard to see all you’ve accomplished.


  7. Keep praying Nadene. You know what your girls are ready for in their schooling and it’s better they learn time management now then when in college. They have time to make deadlines at this stage without being out a lot of money. Keep trying to navigate these waters knowing that you are still mom and make sure to talk though your thoughts with you beloved husband so he knows where you are coming from when things don’t go as they have for so long. My beloved and I have discussions like these often as our second child is very independent. So, as you shift gears in your schooling and in your life please just pop in now and then to share what you all are up to and the positive things that you see in the moments. *smile* Maybe some pictures of their study spaces or a lovely flower you see today. Just remember that as you navigate to look for His light and you will come out in the end. Keep that open communication with God and your husband and all will figure itself out. *smile* You will be okay Nadene. In my prayers…Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


      • We’re all in this boat together…trying to be the best wife, mom, and teacher that we can possibly be. Without God we are nothing but through Him amazing things happen in our lives. I know you want what is best for those young ladies He has entrusted in the care of your husband and yourself. So, continue giving them back to Him and looking to Him for the right timing to make the changes. I’m glad the words I typed were encouraging, you have been an encouragement to me over the years in how your family schools, I’m so glad the Lord used me to encourage you too. *smile* Go in peace and keep sharing as this is not something you are doing on your own and we can all learn from each other. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


  8. The same thing happened to me when my kids became teens. They wouldn’t let me read aloud anymore, and I let them go to work independently. I do keep a track that they’re finishing their goals though which are really quite few. It seems to be working although their father did think that I basically let go their education and didn’t care anymore, but I found it didn’t work to push them anymore. They’ve learned to be self-disciplined, which is a good thing. They are mostly unschooled now and just do the bare minimum. My son has already passed three of his GED exams with good marks. So, it can’t be all that bad for them.


  9. Thank you dor your honesty Nadene. So often we are led to believe that homeschooled children are all so superbly brilliant and conscientious – and many are! Then we struggle and wrestle with a child that does not fit that perception.

    Obviously it’s normal to have normal teens, who desire independence. You have been wise to sense that and give them space. As you have said, we learn from our mistakes. I’m sure your 17-year old has learnt more from not completing her studies than if she had done everything perfectly.

    I also know that the years of painting and sewing and learning together will remain as the foundation to which your girls are firmly rooted. No matter how the relationship may look now, it has had a very healthy primary years, ‘and when they are old, they will not depart from them’.




    • Thank you for your kind words of wisdom and encouragement, @janetkies! All those early homeschool years of relationship and homeschool life is a blessing when our children grow up and become more independent. Blessings to you!


  10. hang in there nadene. as you know, in the journey of homeschooling, there are many valleys as well as mountains. you are a wonderful woman, a gracious mom, and a superb teacher. now you must become a cheering coach. i believed that i homeschooled to prepare my kids for the world, not to protect. they must learn to flap their wings and fly. they will fall and crash but they will eventually soar like an eagle. don’t let the satan have the victory of being downcast. place your hope in the Lord for He has carried you thus far. God is still homeschooling all of us and He is teaching us something about our children and the next stage of each family’s journey of life and faith. hang in there my sister! be encouraged and lifted for you are not alone!
    thank you for all your hard work and helping all the homeschooling moms out there with your posts. now it’s time for you to rest a bit receive blessings and support from others. know that you are greatly appreciated and loved! blessings and love to you my sister!


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