Practical Tip – Round Table

Here’s this week’s practical tip ~

round tableWe have always had a round table for our homeschooling and it remains a wonderful, practical method of sharing space and being near the child who needs my assistance.

Some simple practical tips ~

  • Round tables are fairly informal = not school-at-home-desks (although this is perfect for those families who chose to do so 🙂 )
  • Place children on opposite sides and sit in the seat between them.
  • Sit to the left of a right-handed child to watch them doing handwriting or work through maths problems, or write dictations.  This way you can see what they are writing.  Vice versa for a left-handed child.
  • Use a Lazy Susan in the middle of the table for shared stationary or art sets.
  • It is easier to share books or view the same picture when sitting at a round table.

Combining different ages at a adult-sized table ~

  • Smaller children sit at a low table and chair near my chair.
  • Younger middle school aged children should sit on sturdy cushions to bolster their height to the correct height = elbows at 90 degrees to the table.
  • Use an elastic exercise band/ strap for smaller children to rest their feet on a base.  Read how seating affects handwriting.

Now that my  children are  teenagers, they prefer to sit on their own and spread their things out.

Homeschooling is an organic, changing approach, and we sit where the season and lesson best suit our needs.

In grace, Nadene

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