Letter 20 – Trust God

P1180270Encouragement for new homeschoolers ~ reflecting on thoughts, attitudes, ideas and approaches I have considered as I have journeyed in my 19+ years of homeschooling …  here’s my last letter in this series.

Dear Nadene,

Start with prayer and commit your family and your lives to your homeschooling journey.  Commit your values, choices and decisions to the Lord.  Ask Him for your family’s homeschool vision.  He is faithful to show you what is important and essential.  When you have His “yes” to your life, it is easier to follow Him and not be swayed and dismayed by what others are doing.

Trust the Lord to grow you as your children’s  facilitator and guide rather than teacher.  Allow Him to unravel all your ideals and pre-conceived notions, and mould you into the mom, mentor and disciple-er you need to be for each child.  Forget your about your teacher’s diploma and degree and follow His lead as you learn to journey in your homeschooling.

You can trust Him to lead your curriculum choices, the children’s grouping and the pace for each child.  You can trust Him to help you when a child struggles or is “stuck”.  You can trust Him when your teens reject or refuse to follow your guidelines and approach.  You can trust Him when your children are lonely, afraid or depressed.  You can trust Him when you are confused, uncertain or burnt out.

You can trust Him to lead you to the right people, websites, blogs and pages for the encouragement, guidance and free downloads you need. (Thank the Lord for others who struggle along the same journey and share their insights with compassion!)

You can trust Him to  lead your homeschool graduate in their adult life.  How much greater are their prayer needs now than those your prayed when they were junior primary kiddies, but you have found God to be faithful in all those answered prayers, so you can boldly trust Him now! 

He is your comforter, your healer, your guide.  The Lord will never forsake you and will never leave you.  His love and compassions are new every day!  You can trust Him to be there for each moment  of each day for every one.

Become child-like and audacious in your confident expectations of the Lord’s faithfulness and TRUST HIM!

With hindsight blessings,


I’d love to hear your views and thoughts on this topic!  Please would you share yours in the comments.

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