Laminated Charts

Here’s this weeks’ practical tip ~

laminated chartBuy yourself a laminater! 

It is an investment in your homeschooling, especially if your children are young.  It is one of my most valued homeschool items even though I use it only periodically.

  • Laminate any page (with or without cardstock) for long-lasting handling.
  • Laminate handwriting charts, flash cards, phonics cards, chore charts, mental maths drills that are used daily.
  • You and your child can use a whiteboard marker for quick, easy lessons, drills and reminders.
  • Very large posters  can be professionally laminated at a print/ office shop.  I did this with our Footprints Map.
  • These charts are essential ~

Of course, if you are frugal, you can use packaging tape and cover charts and pages carefully, but this doesn’t give the page the added sturdiness laminating provides.  I also often simply insert pages that we will use for a short time into a plastic page protector.

Hope this practical tip helps you in your homeschooling!

Blessings, Nadene


2 thoughts on “Laminated Charts

  1. I have to agree on the Laminator. Best investment we ever made. I laminate all their game cards and anything I need to last a lifetime. We also have a Comb Binder, another great investment.


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