Letter 18 – Memories

Letter to myselfEncouragement for new homeschoolers ~ reflecting on thoughts, attitudes, ideas and approaches I have considered as I have journeyed in my 19+ years of homeschooling …

Dear Nadene,

Make memories!  Homeschooling is a rich, rewarding journey which your family will remember forever.  P1080139

Make memories with hands-on activities.  When I asked my homeschool graduate what she remembered the most fondly of her homeschool days, she recalled the dressing up, acting out, cooking and baking, creating projects and building models.  

Famous artworks and classical music selections bring back wonderful memories.  Just remember to approach these lessons informally and casually.  

Build-in margins of extra time in your schedule to take time for tangents.  These are often the most rewarding moments in the school schedule … the unscheduled scenic stop along the way.  Go on field trips and outings.  Stretch out your schedule and extend your scheduled 1 year over 18 months.  This gentle pace will be so nurturing and enriching.

Take photos, encourage your children to illustrate and write journals and record the “best of …” at the end of each year. Your kids will love to re-read their report of their favourite books, themes and activities when they are older and it will seem all the more sweeter then.

With hindsight blessings,


I’d love to hear your views and thoughts on this topic!  Please, would you share yours in the comments?

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2 thoughts on “Letter 18 – Memories

  1. Hi Nadene
    I have been doing core A this year with boys turning 7 now in May and 5 in Aug, he is still a bit young so I mix in P4/5 read alouds and ABC fun from Shirley. I think I have been moving to fast through core A also sticking to the schedule, not listening to the advice of slowing down. Is it too late to go back and start again and do more hands on revisiting ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt etc. Should I take the time to do that now and also give my youngest more time to grow or should I just carry on but slow it down now. I am on week 16 now. When you slow your core down do you keep to the schedule with read alouds and bible because they enjoy that but what do you do when you get to the end of your core read alouds but still busy with the history etc that you slowed down with? Do you source extra books to read aloud before moving to Core B? I suppose either or would work just wondering what your advice would be or what you do.
    Thank you for all the tips and inspiration.
    Regards Anne.


    • @Anne, your situation was exactly what happened to me during my first year on a full package. Firstly, just breathe, relax and recognise that your homeschooling is like a long scenic journey and what was “missed” on this trip can always be planned in the next trip. You are in control. You can always stop, go back or linger longer wherever you need to. It takes a while to find the rythym for your family.
      There are several approaches to enjoying the curriculum to the full ~
      1. Slow your main core study and delve into some hands-on activities or outings from here on out, remembering that they can always study this section again when older on future cores.
      2. Borrow extra books from the library if you need more time on a theme and don’t want to “get ahead” with other sections of the curriculum.
      3. At the end of the core ask your kids what they enjoyed most with the themes they studied in the beginning and stop and “go back” to do some extra reading/ videos/ activities or projects on those they loved. Then find other Bible readings/ programs/ downloads/ videoa to fill out your daily subjects while doing your extra activities.
      4. Forget about the guilt of any “should have …” and find the grace for the “now”.
      While your kids are young, there is no need to rush. Follow your heart and trust the Lord to gently lead those young ones.
      All in grace, Nadene


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