Practical Tip – Bean Bags

bean bagsHere’s a practical tip – Use bean bags for quick, fun activities

  • Bean bags are light, yet weighted with little plastic beads or natural beans.
  • Cheap and easy to make, they are simple tools for a huge variety of games for several years of play and skills development.
  • They are soft and easy to throw and catch,  making them ideal to develop eye-hand co-ordination.
  • A bean bag is usually smaller and softer than a ball and child less afraid of being hit or hurt.
  • Soft and yielding, they are safe for indoor games such as target throwing.
  • When thrown, they land and stay without rolling away which helps children’s throwing skills and throwing accuracy.
  • Catching and throwing a bean bag helps develop a child’s skill of grasp and release.
  • A bean bag will help a child develop the hand strength required for handling a ball.
  • Bean bags balance fairly easily on most parts of the body which is excellent for young children to learn physical awareness.
  • Balancing bean bags on specific body parts is excellent for body integration.
  • Use bean bags to develop spatial awareness and laterality with left/ right/ up/ down/ in front/ behind games and activities.
  • Brightly colored, bean bags are excellent for color matching games.
  • Use different textured fabric for sensory awareness.
  • Different shaped bean bags for theme activities and shape recognition.
  • Filled with different beans, rice, plastic beads, children can match bags according to the sensory identification.20140227_104616
  • Use bean bags for listening skills where children follow verbal instructions.
  • Middle schoolers can use bean bags to develop spatial skills for map work, compass directions, clock face and telling time.
  • Use bean bags with my arrow chart before maths and spelling tests.  Used in classroom lessons at public school, this quick activity had proven results!

Here are some more references ~

We have a set of 4 pairs of matching bean bags which has lasted for years and years in our homeschooling.  Make yours today and start having fun!

Hope this practical hint helps in your homeschooling.

In Grace, Nadene


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