Practical Tip – Hooks

chart hooksHere’s a practical tip – Use hooks for charts & maps

For years now, I have used hooks on the 2 knobs on the top of my whiteboard to hang all my charts, timelines, maps and large illustrations.

If you look closely, I unscrewed the two knobs and slid curtain rings over the screw thread and replaced the knobs.  Then I hung 2 metal S-hooks on the rings.  Even if you don’t have a whiteboard, you could install 2 hooks on your display wall and hang your charts on these hooks.

Each chart, map and my timeline has 2 curtain rings so that I can display them quickly on the S-hooks.

To store my charts, I hang all the charts on  2 cup-hooks screwed  on the back of my sewing cabinet, but it could be on a door, shelf, wall etc.

I have used hooks on my bookshelf near the door to hang our nature study bags.  Filled with water bottles. paints and nature study materials, our bags are right there, ready for use.

Hope this handy, practical tip helps you in your homeschooling.

In Grace, Nadene

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