Letter 3 – Unique Individuals

Letter to myselfHere’s the next letter my series ~ “Letter To Mewhere I share the letter I wrote to myself, encouraging myself (and, hopefully, other new homeschoolers)  with what I wish I had known when I started out on our homeschooling journey ~

Dear Nadene,

P1060150Your homeschooling ideals may start out looking like your version of “Little House on the Prairie” … Your three neat young girls; all polite, kind, sweet and obedient.  They may dress the same.  Your young children will play dress-up with bonnets and aprons.  They will play make-believe and act out their read alouds.  They will willingly help with chores, milk cows and bake bread,  they will love their nature study walks, journaling and singing hymns.  You will enjoy this precious, innocent season for a short time.

They will not continue for long. Your girls will abandon most of this in their teens.  They will throw away their Alice bands and try their own hairstyles.  Their fashion sense may shock you.  Your one child may even try to look Gothic!  They may refuse to do some of the Christian activities, some of the Charlotte Mason subjects.  You will be dismayed!   You will go through a deep valley of stresses and struggles.  You may feel that all your values have been lost and ignored.  You will cry many bitter tears of fears and failures.  

But you see, homeschooling allows children to be unique individuals and will equip them to express themselves.  They are simply testing everything to be sure for themselves.  Young teenage daughters will distance themselves from you as a mom to find the woman they are becoming.  It is a crazy process.  Some day there will be moods and darkness, another day it will be sweet childhood and sunshine.

But they still believe. There is no cookie-cutter approach. Don’t take it personally.  Allow them to figure it all out.  Give them some choice and freedom and do not condemn them.  They do not need laws, but grace.  Obviously, maintain your course and include them in deciding how and what to do for homeschooling.  Become collaborative and facilitate their growing independence.Beautiful girlhood Ideals

You will be amazed, but your eldest daughter will comment and encourage and discipline her teen sisters with the very words you spoke to her through her troubled teens.  Those values and character traits have been instilled.

Keep your relationship loving and open.  Maintain heart-to-heart closeness as your greatest priority and privilege.

Above all, trust the Lord to show you what He wants for them.  Trust Him to keep them from falling and present them to the Father with exceeding joy.

Blessings, Nadene

I’d love to hear your views and thoughts on this topic!  Please, would you share yours in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Letter 3 – Unique Individuals

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  2. Dear Nadine

    This letter had me in tears. How precious is the grace you bestow. I have three daughters (with two more on the way!) and we are in that Little House on The Prairie stage. They are 8, 5 and 2. They help me in the kitchen – I actually have too much help, they all want to mix and stir. 😄 Homeschooling is sweet and special.

    Thank you for such good advice about the teenage years. I know I will be re-reading this letter over and over in the years to come. Relationship above all else!

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards

    Janet Kieswetter http://www.kieswetterklaskamer.wordpress.com

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    • @janetkies, thank you for sharing your precious home life with us. May you continue to grow in grace and I encourage you to keep trusting the Lord to remain open, available and supportive to them as they go throught their ages-and-stages. Blessings!

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    • @Vicki, I’m so grateful that I am also not alone in my experiences. Sometimes we only see the ‘nice’ homeschooling picture and feel we fail, but everyone goes through disappointments and fears. We need God’s grace and strength to keep going. Blessings!


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