Feelings of Success


Kate and Lara admire their art

How does a successful homeschool day feel?
Exciting?   Inspiring?

For us, it often includes creative and artistic activities.   Arts and crafts are a source of great joy and satisfaction for our family.  It is an activity that we love to do together regularly.  We include baking, gift-making, sewing, and DIY projects in our homeschooling.

Other days it may be an inspiring chapter in our read aloud that inspired a chat, even some tears …  I recently wept while reading Corrie ten Boom’s “Hiding Place“.   The other week my teen daughters and I had an amazing discussion about morals and values after reading aloud a chapter from “A Room with a View“.  Read aloud to your teens!  Read alouds are often the glue that holds us together even when other school work is difficult or not accomplished that day.  As Homeschooling Lifestyle describes,  “Snuggle up together to read – even if you’re all reading different books. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading books for school or books for fun, if you’re reading aloud or everyone has their own book – snuggle up to read together!”


Lara with her Online First Aid Course certificate

Other days, success is a completed project.  I love the sense of closure when we wrap up a year-long topic, or file away the work or display a project.  Young kids love to put their work up on the walls, show dad or grandparents.  Many moms enjoy posting their kids work on blogs or Facebook.  Make an art gallery wall or a display table in your schoolroom.  My 16-year-old loves to complete her Cambridge modules.  She gives herself a “pat on the back” and that is such great intrinsic motivation!

Mastery comes with persistence.  Success comes after struggling and finally understanding a difficult maths problem.   Or spelling all the words correctly in a dictation test, or writing dictation with neat handwriting, or remembering a poem or scripture verse perfectly.    Encourage your child to keep trying.  If your child really struggles, they simply are not ready.  Put the work aside and try again in a few months.  Find the balance between extending the child and challenging them beyond their abilities.

P1160186Some days we feel relieved to just be at home, flexible and calm when life feels chaotic and stressful.  Lovely homeschool days are not all academic.  Sometimes we cuddle on a couch and read together.  Some days my youngest daughter and I take a nature walk and enjoy our farm and our time together.  These are often our best homeschool moments.

Please hear me, new homeschool moms,  DON”T make everything formal and academic.  Regular, informal exposure infuses enormous deposits in your children’s hearts, souls and minds. Trust me … I have learnt this lesson after over 18 years of homeschooling!

Trust the Lord for wisdom to build in success in your homeschooling.


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