End of Year Activities

This year is fast rushing to a close … Christmas goodies are already filling the shops and our December summer holidays seem just around the corner.

It is also the time of the year when we conclude and congratulate ourselves for the work we have covered during our school year.

I often tell moms that I stretch a 12 month curriculum over 18 months, so we don’t always actually “finish” the curriculum each year.  At some point though, we declare official school work closed for the year and focus on these other activities.   Sometimes we continue  these activities through the December holidays as they are fun and I love my children to have something meaningful to do during their holidays.

Here are some of our end-of-year activities:
(not in any particular order … just some of the many ideas that sprang to mind …)

  • Finish any year-long project.
  • Go on outings or field trips.
  • Join other homeschool families or co-ops for an end-of-year party or activity.
  • Catch up and finish any read alouds.
  • Do all outstanding Science experiments.
  • Focus on hands-on activities and have practical fun on subjects neglected during the year.
  • Prepare an exhibition of their work and invite family or close friends to see their work.  Children love to explain what they did or present their projects and art work!
  • Hold a ‘graduation’ party.  Young children, even teens, love to receive a certificate!  Sonlight builds this aspect into their curriculums.
  • Hold an end-of-year celebration or graduation party.
  • We love to make Christmas gifts.
  • Listen to the year’s music highlights on a special playlist.
  • Watch a historical movie covering the time of your studies.
  • Create and act out a play or puppet show for a real audience.

Some administrative activities:

  • Rearrange, refresh and decorate the schoolroom.4-20150123_065037-1
  • My youngest loves to hang mobiles!
  • Prepare their new notebook files and stationary. (Look at some of our cover pages.)
  • Refresh the Theme of the Day poster.
  • File away the year’s work and store art and craft projects.
  • Review and look through the whole year’s work.  I ask my children to comment, select, highlight and rejoice over work they have done and accomplished.  I ask these basic questions:
    1. What was your favourite activity/ theme/ or topic?  Why?
    2. Show me your top 5 favourite books – read alouds or readers.
    3. What did you least enjoy?  Why?
  • I spend these weeks planning, printing and preparing the children’s school work for the new year.  (It is an exciting time , yet slightly scary time for me.  Every. Year.  Even after  +18 years of homeschooling, I’m not always sure what will work, how long it will take and if we will enjoy it.)

Remember that homeschooling is a long journey.  and just as travellers love to show their photos and review their trips, an end-of-year program  is a wonderful way to ease into the new year with enthusiasm and motivation.

Blessings in your homeschooling journey!

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